Political Correctness Destroys History and Christianity

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The College of the Holy Cross has bowed to pressure and will no longer using knights Templar imagery to represent their Crusader nickname. As well, the student paper has changed from “The Crusader” to “The Spire” for the same politically correct reasons.

On the other side of insanity, the Board of Trustees voted to keep “Crusaders” as the school’s official moniker.

The College of the Holy Cross was founded by the Jesuit school in Massachusetts in 1843. Tuition for in-state students is approximately $46,550 per year. Recently, they were ranked as the fourth best Catholic college in the United States.The Jesuits are also known as the Society of Jesus, which was a group founded centuries ago in Spain by St. Ignatius Loyola and St. Francis Xavier, who is considered in the Catholic tradition to have converted more people to the Church than any person aside from St. Peter himself due to his 16th century mission trips to India and Japan.

The current Pope in the Vatican, Francis, is himself a Jesuit.

Name Adopted in 1925

The students first cast votes to choose to be called the Crusaders back in 1925 which replaced their previous use of Native America symbology. The student paper was called The Tomahawk up until 1955.

The Jesuits, especially from France and Spain were some of the first people to go to North America to spread the word of Christ. Their first mission was established in Penobscot Bay in Maine in 1609, which was then controlled by the French.

Name Dropped Due To Political Correctness

During a student-led forum last spring, the paper was pressured to change its name one again. As it happens, there is also a KKK newsletter entitled “The Crusader.” Hey, let’s ban white sheets too!

A letter signed by students and 48 members of the faculty also cried that the name promoted “Islamophobia” and said that after the election of Donald Trump, the name must be changed. What kind of twisted logic are these students being taught? Even Christian schools aren’t safe!

Defenders of the mascot and moniker have pointed out that the Crusades were a respond to Muslims taking over European lands, and the irony was completely lost on the waves of politically correct, angry, postmodernist students.

School President Father Philip Boroughs

When the name change went through, the reasoning to remove the Crusade nickname was listed as due to the violence associated with the Crusades.

Borough explained:

“…the visual depiction of a knight, in conjunction with the moniker Crusader, inevitably ties us directly to the reality of the religious wars and the violence of the Crusades.”

He went on to say that the imagery “stands in contrast to our stated values” and that the College will “gradually phase out the use of all knight-related imagery.”

‘Kill The Crusader Pigs’

Two years ago we reported on a video found and translated by Site Intel Group, which is an organization that watches Islamic and Arabic media and translates important parts into several different languages including English and Japanese. One video in particular was sent out to “crusaders bombing Muslims every day” threatened that the deaths will not be in vain. The 24-year-old terrorist recorded the message on his phone camera and he pledged allegiance to ISIS.

He called to his “Muslim brothers” in Europe to “kill the Crusader pigs.”

Crusades Were Response to Hundreds of Muslim Attacks

Reading left-wing sources might give you the impression that evil Christians in Europe wanted to take back the holy land from the peaceful Muslims. Here’s a map you’ve probably never seen, showing the battles waged by Muslims against Christians. Christians fought back by focusing on the holy lands. Muslims had waged 548 battles before the First Crusade in 1095 called by Pope Urban II.

We have been writing about the scourge of both Muslims and Westerners blaming the Crusades for current turmoil, and we published a short piece on the motives of the Crusaders compared to the jihadis.

Video: Center for the Study of Political Islam

In the following video produced by the Center for the Study of Politic Islam and presented by Dr. Bill Warner, you are taken through a short five minute introduction to the lead-up to the Crusades. It’s crucial that we Christians in the west understand that political Islam is not “a reaction to the Crusades” but that the Crusades were a reaction to Muslims attacking, abusing and freezing Christians out of political power.

Having been posted in 2014, the video now has 1.9 million views.

Sources: Center for the Study of Political Islam, Campus Reform

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