Policeman Banned From Force, He Wore Something “Offensive” To Muslims

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A policeman that was way above his pay grade, but wanted to be a cop solely to serve as a counter-terrorism officer and use his skills to protect the citizens, was let go because of what a Muslim found offensive to his religion.

This was an act of political correctness at its “best”. As we start caring more about the welfare of immigrants than our own US citizens we will see much more stories like this pop-up. Should we be worried about hurting the very people’s feelings who want us dead? I think not.

A 33-year-old officer, who wishes to remain unnamed, was told by Sussex Police that the tattoo of a Crusader night on his forearm was “religious” and could be offensive to others. Overlooking his prestigious record as an armed counter-terrorism officer, he was told that the image was “violent and intimidating” and has a “partisan nature,” according to the Daily Mail.


The Sussex force rejected his application in an email which referred to a section on their website that states “religious content” is one of the criteria for prohibited tattoos.

“Evidence of an attachment to British values or to Christianity is clearly unacceptable these days,” Former Minister Lord Tebbit admitted. “Anything that could be viewed as having content aggressive or offensive would likely to be rejected might include: weapons, religious content, gang affiliation, drugs, aggressive animals, skulls, etc…”

Although the case seems unwinnable for a white Christian middle-aged man who has no special privileges to help him out, the officer isn’t backing down. Citing religious discrimination, the officer says he was told his tattoo was offensive because of its faith relation and that the Ministry is backpedaling since they are now claiming the image is “violent.”
The man, who does not want to be named, branded the police’s decision “ridiculous political correctness,” adding, “I consider myself English and Christian, and as such portraying a knight from England’s past should not be a problem.”

Fortunately, not everyone is condemning the officer’s choice of ink. Keith Vaz, chairman of the influential Home Affairs Select Committee said the ban seems “unfair.”

“I have heard of many reasons to reject someone from the police force but this must be one of the most unusual,” Vaz said.

Not only has the tattoo never once hindered his ability to fulfill his oath to protect and serve, it’s almost too perfectly appropriate for his career. Working in counter-terrorism, the officer knows all too well just how Christianity and European history has played the biggest part in preventing Islam from taking the world by force.

For 1,400 years, Muslims have never stopped fighting to establish Sharia law in every country they infiltrate, but it’s Crusaders’ response to the Muslim Conquests that literally saved the world from the most oppressive, aggressive, and murderous ideology in history. If more students were taught the history of the Crusades instead of learning misconceptions from the media and ignorant leftist apologists, the knights would be lauded like superheroes instead of quietly swept under the rug or condemned.

Since Muhammad waged war against Mecca in the 7th century, Muslims have tried to conquer the Christian world. After conquering Spain and all of North Africa, taking millions of blacks as slaves, tens of millions of Christian civilians were discriminately slaughtered for their faith. Seeing Europe falling to the ruthless Muslim barbarians, Pope Urban II finally launched Crusades to rescue the Christians of the East and liberate Jerusalem from recent Muslim conquest.

In conclusion, over 270 million non-Muslims were slaughtered during the Muslim conquests yet only 1 to 2 million Muslim invaders were killed in response. Had it not been for this push back by the Crusaders, much of the world would undoubtedly be like the Islamic regimes in the Middle East.

This unjust story is only the start of much more to come if Hillary scootches her way into the White House. Can you believe authorities are supposed to remain neutral about Muslim’s violent religion?! It’s crazy! Muslims are the least tolerant of any religion out there, why are we being accepting of them when they want us dead and have no tolerance at all for Christianity?! I’m pretty sure Liberals are brain dead.

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