Police Cut Security At NFL Games Due To National Anthem Protests

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Half of the Florida police officers who normally work NFL security this past Sunday stayed home in response to Miami Dolphins players kneeling during the national anthem.

Florida law enforcement, upset about the NFL controversy where players kneel during the national anthem responded by reducing the volunteer security at the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets game, the Miami Herald reported Sunday.

As of last weekend, the number of officers who volunteered was 175. Typical Dolphins games have about 400 officers working security.

Dade County Police Benevolent Association President John Rivera said the number of officers would be less than “ideal” for Sunday’s game at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

“This whole movement started against police officers,” Rivera said. “And now it’s morphed into disrespecting the flag and the country.”

Police Cut Security At NFL Games Due To National Anthem Protests

Rivera said this issue could linger through the remaining home games of the season, but he also added that he’s willing to talk to Dolphins players and owners so they “can all understand each other.”

Police elsewhere in the country have responded in similar fashion to the controversy, with Cleveland officers last month refusing to hold the American flag during pregame ceremonies.

“The bottom line is when they kneeled like that I was done with it,” said Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene. “I pulled my officers out of there and they’re not permitted to work there anymore.”

Following the controversy caused by Cleveland Browns players protesting during the national anthem, the team issued a statement, reports WJW.

“As an organization, we have a profound respect for our country’s National Anthem, flag and the servicemen and servicewomen in the United States and abroad,” the statement from the team reads. “We feel it’s important for our team to join in this great tradition and special moment of recognition, at the same time we also respect the great liberties afforded by our country, including the freedom of personal expression.”

This whole issue is so stupid. These lazy football players can only find time to protest during the 2-3 minutes of the national anthem at the beginning of the game. These have been lazy antics, not protests. They leave the game and go back to their lazy millionaire lifestyles.

Let’s get this straight.

Football fans, by large numbers, are patriots. Other numbers show that while they have quit watching the NFL in disgust, college football is gladly taking those viewers in record numbers.

As the employer, the NFL has the right to force its players to leave their politics out of the game. When are they going to take a firm stand, like Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys?

Kaepernick and his buddies have broke football and cost a LOT of people a LOT of money. The teams, the broadcasters, the parent companies, and the advertisers.

How far does this have to go before political correctness takes a back seat to common sense?

It is real simple. Protest on your own time. These lazy 3-minute antics have not been a real protest anyway. These morons don’t have the intestinal fortitude to go out and really protest. They are too busy living their high lifestyle on the millions of dollars they have received while living the American Dream.

There is a major Veterans’ weekend NFL Football Boycott Planned. Click here for details.

We will be not be watching or listening to NFL games on November 12th in solidarity with veterans around the country, as football players have continued to disrespect the national anthem, the American flag, and everything our nation stands for.

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