People Say This is a Right-wing Conspiracy – it’s Not. I’m a Liberal and I Voted for Him After This Happened:

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These are the words of the first of now four women (and counting): A woman who is a self-described liberal Democrat feminist who was sexually groped and assaulted – by Senator Al Franken.

Ironically, this woman is an activist and at the time a HUGE fan of Al Franken – so much so that having her photo taken with the iconic Saturday Night Love alumni for her mother (also a fan) was a dream come true. Then:

“… we stood next to each other … and down his hand went…”

Franken groped her butt in public. He kept his hand there as if the married scumbag deserved to get some of what he desired because he was giving his time – get this – at an event honoring women: 

Yep – this was just the first of what looks to be many, many women coming forward to talk of this creep’s ongoing pattern of behavior and assault of women – all the time posing as a great defender of women’s rights. But how many times have we seen this with Democrat men? Do I need to list them? Do I need to talk about the hero Bill Clinton?

Do I have to remind you that in the War on Women, Ted Kennedy STILL has the only confirmed kill?

But believe me, this one’s different: Why? Because Franken was in show business AND politics.Why does that matter you say?… well, let me tell you. It’s kinda long – sorry. I have some personal experience to impart on you.

I found it sadly ironic a few months back when Harvey Weinstein started getting splashed all over the television as **GASP** a powerful Hollywood mogul who regularly used, groped, assaulted, harrassed, both criminally and in consensual situations all these actresses, models and female reporters.

Really? You’re kidding, right? Powerful Hollywood producers do that? Get out of here. They’ve been making films and television shows for a hundred years and all of a sudden, two months ago, all these guys started attacking these women in return for the promise of fame and fortune?

It’s a difficult subject to say the least, because writing or saying ANYTHING except “THEY’RE ALL CRIMINAL PIGS WHO SHOULD BE SHOT” means you’re blaming the victim. And trust me, I’m not blaming the victims. None of them. Period.

When a pig-faced, fat-ass, piece of shit like Harvey Weinstein has ANY kind of sex or even touches an actress remotely connected to anything he may or may not be involved in – it’s rape-lite. A third-less calories than regular rape, but rape-lite nonetheless. End of story.


You cheered Woody Allen, you couldn’t wait to work with him, you gave an Oscar and a standing ovation to Roman Polanski and you stood by while EVERYONE knew the open truth about dozens if not hundreds of guys. just. like. Harvey. Weinstein.

The decades of women whose names you’ll never know who got on their knees or let pigfu**kers like Harvey crawl on them with their gross, stinky, scotch breath because it might mean two lines in “Good Will Hunting” – did so in part because Kate Beckinsale, Heather Graham, Ashley Judd, Gweneth Paltrow and the rest of you who’ve been around forever and have seen it all, had your chance to speak up and didn’t back up Rose McGowan ten years ago when YOU KNEW SHE WAS TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT HARVEY WEINSTEIN!

Rose is twice the actress all of you are but for some reason she didn’t quite excel like the ones who kept their lips closed unless they were inside Harvey’s limo? Yes, you are victims – but F you for putting fame and money ahead of your dignity and bodies.

And where’s the list of hot actors being accused of the same behavior? You gonna tell me they’re any different than Harvey or was it just better because they’re younger and hotter? Oh.. never mind, I kinda answered my own question. I just asked myself if I’d accept a part in a big film – but the catch was I had to sleep with Mimi Rogers…

My self said, wtf? Where does she live and what kind of wine does she like?

Back to Al Franken. Okay, Al was a funny guy at one time – a longtime alumni of Saturday Night Live and although his partner Tom Davis was mostly responsible for the duo’s rise to fame, Franken quickly dumped Tom at the right moment and carried on to the big-time in television, movies and eventually – politics. What does this have to do with anything? Plenty.


There’s a lot of ways to get laid for a man in this world. The most obvious and easiest way is to be young, tall and good-looking. No-brainer. Literally. You literally don’t have to have a brain. I’m not knocking it, but those are things you’re sure to lose except the tall part and it’s kinda creepy when you’re older. Hair also helps A LOT. Also having lots of dough gets you laid, except it’s the kind of sex that’s not very good sex. You can totally tell the difference, believe me – I’ve had both kinds.

Sex where a woman is hot for you vs. sex where she thinks you have a lot of money has no comparison. The former is a million times better and there’s a ton of guys out there that have never, ever experienced sex where a woman just wants you. Sometimes I feel bad for them, but most of the time – these turn out to be the real creepos, so you hate them for giving all men a bad rep.

The best sex, I can tell you with more than a modicum of experience and confidence is sex with a woman after you either made her laugh through the day, made an entire room of people laugh for 45 minutes, or both. THAT is the Queen Mary of sex. You’re just going to have to trust me so I can get to the point of this article.

Ask yourself something. If a nobody like me and thousands of funny dudes like myself (not good-looking, tall, rich, have hair or the other easy stuff) can have the best sex on earth with our wives or whatever by simply making women laugh, then WHY does Al Franken have to grope a woman’s breasts while she’s asleep? The asshole has been on television since the 70’s. He’s iconic, yet he can’t get laid?

The answer is that Senator Al Franken is an abject creep and more. He is a criminal and people have been letting him get away with it because he was on Saturday Night Live and he’s always been able to sluff it off as a joke. Isn’t he funny grabbing Arianna Huffington’s tits during a photo shoot? Well, no, actually. Not funny. Trust me – I used to work for her and Arianna didn’t think it was funny. But sadly she’s as big a phony as he is, pimping out her tits and ass for a career, so she laughs it off, says it was all in good fun and thanks the Lord her first husband never tried that.

Ew. Sorry. Had another sad thought from the past. Geez. Even I thought she was a conservative. Great actress, that Arianna – gotta hand it to her. Not you Al.

Here’s the BL: Al Franken never got laid in high school or college. He never got laid even when he was on Saturday Night Live because he is too f’in creepy and gross. He’s criminally creepy and only gets to feel a woman up when he can get away with it and laugh it off. He does it in public because he’s a Democrat and what good liberal wants to make waves when another famous good liberal is giving his time to a feminist cause?

Now they’re comparing Judge Roy Moore to Al Franken? I have no idea if Judge Roy Moore is guilty and if he is I’ll excoriate him just as hard as Weinstein. But the charges against Moore are sudden, just days before an election and from 40 years ago. He’s run for office like ten times and never a peep from these women. He denies it. There’s no pattern of behavior over his lifetime like Franken or Clinton or Weiner or Weinstein or Spacey or all men who do this kind of thing. There’s always a pattern and…

With Franken THERE’S PHOTOS!!!!  Are you kidding me? He’s admitted it and THERE’S PHOTOS!!!

As of this writing there’s four or maybe five women come forward. Do me a favor and raise your hand if you think this is Franken’s total amount of women he’s assaulted since he became famous and entitled to do so? He’s 90% of the problem – but guess what you female feminist liberal morons? You stood by and let him get away with it. You sold out your cause, your sisters, your gender, yourselves.

You’re the victims, but also the other 10% of the problem. Own up to it.

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