Pelosi Votes Against Tax Cut for Us, Pushes $137,000 Tax Cut for Herself

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) on Thursday called the bonuses and wage increases that companies are giving workers due to Republican tax reform “crumbs,” a term she also used earlier this month to downplay the effects of the law.

Now, as it turns out…the hypocrite that she is, even though she believes these crumbs aren’t good enough for the REST of Americans, they ARE good enough for HER!

Well, you seriously didn’t expect Pelosi to stand up for ‘we the people’ did you? She’s only looking out for herself and her ‘crumbs’.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Pelosi’s records show that she owns three multi-million-dollar homes, two of which are in liberal California. Moreover, the combined 2017 property tax bill for these homes was reportedly $137,000.

This brings us to the tax reform bill that the GOP-led House and Senate passed in mid-December and President Donald Trump signed promptly afterward.

That bill, which as a reminder cuts taxes for 90 percent of all Americans, contains a provision that limits the amount of state, local and property taxes the wealthy may deduct to just $10,000.

Because this provision means that the wealthy residents of high-tax liberal states will undoubtedly pay more on their taxes starting in 2018, some rich people have been trying to game the system by prepaying their property taxes.

“(S)ome states and localities allow people to prepay their state and local taxes, including property taxes. If they did so this year, people could conceivably deduct them from this year’s taxes,” The Washington Post explained late last year in a guide sheet it prepared for its wealthy readers.

Now guess who decided to pull this exact trick. That’s right, Nancy Pelosi, i.e., the woman who claims to be a champion for working class Americans and constantly rails against the wealthy for allegedly not paying their “fair share.”

“Just days after President Trump signed the sweeping tax bill into law late last month, Pelosi and her husband tried to preserve $64,000 in property tax breaks, known as the state and local taxes (SALT) deductions, for her two California homes,” the Beacon reported.

She accomplished this by prepaying the property taxes on a $7.2 million estate she owns in San Francisco and a $4.0 million residence she owns in Napa.

She also reportedly paid the property taxes on her third multi-million-dollar home, a condo that resides in Washington, D.C.

How convenient.

Perhaps I’m wrong, but judging by Pelosi’s hypocritical attempt to avoid paying taxes on her own property, I’m convinced the only reason she voted against the tax reform bill and continues to lambaste it daily is because of its effect on her wallet.

Every single metric shows that the tax bill is benefiting the majority of Americans in numerous ways, from causing an increase in their wages to putting bonuses in their pockets — and, of course, reducing their taxes.

Yet Pelosi continues to gripe about it daily, falsely deriding the benefits being enjoyed by the American people as “mere crumbs.”

And I’ll tell you exactly why: Because this duplicitous woman, who for the record is reportedly worth more than $100 million, knows that because of Trump’s tax bill, poor little her will have to pay more on her property taxes starting in 2019 (thankfully, she can’t prepay that far out ahead).

Poor, little Nancy! Oh woe is me!

Poor Nancy Pelosi still thinks these bonuses and wage increases are mere ‘crumbs’ to the rest of us Americans!

Pelosi made the comments, flagged by America Rising, at a “Trump Tax” town hall meeting at Florida Atlantic University.

“There’s a cartoon that I just love,” Pelosi said, adding on to comments from another panel member. “There’s a little mouse trap who’s got a little piece of cheese on there, and there’s a mouse about to take it and that’s called the middle class … And around it are fat cats,” or big businesses.

Pelosi said the cats looked more like elephants to her, suggesting that Republicans are the ones mainly benefiting from the tax overhaul, which President Donald Trump signed into law last month.

“And that’s the thing,” Pelosi continued. “You get this little thing and we get this big bonanza. You get the crumb, we get the banquet.”

Sorry, Nancy, but no one is going to feel sorry for you and your little ‘crumbs’. Give me a frickin’ break!

And how’s that… Obamacare treating you these days? Oh, that’s right! Never mind, you exempted yourself on that! ….more ‘crumbs’ for the rest of us I guess.

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