Pelosi in Trouble: House Democrats Begin To Crack On Border Showdown

"He's not talking about a wall from sea to shining sea," Luria said of the president. "That is not what we are talking about. We are talking about physical barriers as recommended by experts."

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A group of centrist House Democrats, sick of political posturing, are beginning to apply pressure to Nancy Pelosi to make a deal with President Trump to end the showdown.

In the meantime, sources said that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been in discussion with more than a few Democrats.

She was already standing on shaky ground after a hard fought vote to retake her speaker-ship last November.

15 Democrats did not cast a vote for Pelosi, with 12 of those lawmakers voting for someone other than her.

Before that vote, numerous House Democrats had pledged to oppose Pelosi, but did not do so when the time came for the vote.

There are many on the Democrat side of the house who are not happy with the 79 year old congresswoman and would love to see some new blood in the leadership roll.

So it is no surprise, that the dam of support to deny Trump his 220 miles of wall and the measly $5.7 billion that goes with it is beginning to erode.

A group of 30 House Democrats, led by freshman Rep. Elaine Luria of Virginia, is asking the California Democrat to offer Trump a vote on his border wall or some sort of negotiated security package.

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Luria sent a letter Wednesday to Pelosi, suggesting she guarantee President Donald Trump a vote on his border security funding request if he reopens the government. More than half of the members who signed the letter are freshmen.

The letter lays out a process that would guarantee a House vote on the $5.7 billion Trump has requested in border wall funding, as well as other funding he is seeking for border security needs.

“Effective governing should not result in winners and losers,” Luria said in a statement after releasing the letter. “Our job is to do the most good for the most people. We feel this proposal would gain support across the aisle. It would allow a transparent process. We can encourage much-needed reforms to our immigration system.”

Luria represents Virginia’s military-heavy 2nd District. She has stated that she would be open to a menu of border security options. This includes a “physical barrier” of some type.

“He’s not talking about a wall from sea to shining sea,” Luria said of the president. “That is not what we are talking about. We are talking about physical barriers as recommended by experts.”

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Pelosi and other Democratic leaders were at the same time, drafting a proposal to support increased spending on border security, without a wall, if the White House opens the government.

These moderates are from districts that lean more conservative. They have a distinct interest in making sure they are trying to work with Republicans. They need to fix things that are broken in Washington.

Pelosi started this war on shaky ground.

$5.7 billion dollars is a rather small amount when it comes to government spending. The American people may not all realize that, but House Democrats do.

As time has progressed in this shutdown, it has become abundantly clear that Pelosi and Schumer are more concerned with Trump losing than they are the money, border security, or the wall itself.

It is a wall, a physical barrier on 220 miles out of 2,000 miles of border that the Border Patrol themselves, including Obama’s former Chief Border Patrol head, have said will work, and is needed.

Pelosi has put all her eggs in one basket, and now cannot afford to lose this battle. If she loses the biggest battle, it is fully understood that she will most likely lose any smaller ones that are in the future.

Wednesday’s new developments show a good sized crack developing in her fight. The President will no doubt be emboldened to hunker down and wait as her House support continues to dwindle.

I predict that this crack becomes a good sized crevice soon.


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