Pelosi Furious as Michael Moore Declares Ocasio-Cortez Leader of Democrat Party

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has had nothing but headaches out of freshman Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez since she came to DC.

And now, many are starting to recognize her as the New Face of the Democrat party, and it does not bode well for Nancy Pelosi, who assumes that role right now.

But to make matters worse, some are now openly calling Ocasio Cortez the party leader.

Michael Moore, liberal filmmaker and activist, has proclaimed that there is no room for moderates in the new Democratic Party. That it is being shaped by socialists such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“She’s the leader,” Mr. Moore said during a recent appearance on MSNBC. “Everybody knows it, everybody feels it. She’s the leader of this mass movement.”

This does not bode well for the Democrats, who seem to be in full civil war among themselves over the socialists taking over the party. It surely does not bode well for Pelosi who already has fractured support within the House.

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“First of all, if you’re moderate, stop being moderate,” Mr. Moore responded. “Take a position. There’s no middle ground anymore. There’s no halfway point to — should somebody be paid a living wage?

Fox News reported:

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore declared U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the new leader of the Democratic Party, while urging political moderates to take a position because there “is no middle ground anymore.”

“She is the leader. Everybody knows it. Everybody feels it,” Moore said of the freshman congresswoman from New York during a Friday interview on MSNBC.

Moore said the age requirement to run for president – 35 – should be constitutionally amended so that Ocasio-Cortez could make a play for the White House. He said Ocasio-Cortez is the leader of a movement, citing a Fox News poll that showed voters favored her proposal to increase the tax rate to 70 percent for the richest Americans.

Moore also urged those with moderate views to “take a position,” in response to a question about whether someone like Ocasio-Cortez, with very progressive politics, could turn off moderates.

“If you’re being moderate, stop being moderate. Take a position,” Moore responded. “There’s no middle ground anymore. There’s no halfway point to should somebody be paid a living wage. ‘Well, I’m a moderate so I think they could be paid half of that living wage.’

“You know, on the issue of choice, there is no halfway there. You’re either for it or you’re against it. Do you believe in equal rights for women? Do you believe we should have an Equal Rights Amendment? There’s no middle ground. There’s no time for moderation,” he continued.

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Moore has bad timing as well. About the same time that he announced Ocasio-Cortez as the Democrat leader, a former FEC commissioner, Hans von Spakovsky, stated that the congresswoman and her Chief of Staff may have engaged in multiple violations of federal campaign finance law and could face jail time.

They apparently violated campaign finance law by laundering almost $1 million in contributions from PACs that Chakrabarti established to private companies that he also controlled. as revealed in an explosive complaint filed Monday with the Federal Election Commission. The money seemed to just flow back and forth.

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