Pelosi Admits Trump WILL Be Re-elected If He Isn’t Impeached

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Before the last election, Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated, “Take it to the bank, Donald Trump will NOT be President.” It seems she has learned her lesson, and is pretty sure it is looking like the President will win re-election in 2020. Nancy Pelosi basically admitted it on Tuesday in a press conference.

While announcing her decision to pursue an “impeachment inquiry,” Pelosi all but acknowledged that Trump was going to win re-election.

“What is more serious, [than impeachment] is that he can’t win! That is very serious!”

Rep. Al Green told MSNBC Saturday that he also believes that “if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected.”

“I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected. If we don’t impeach him, he will say he’s been vindicated. Trump will say the Democrats had an overwhelming majority in the House and didn’t take up impeachment. He will say we have a constitutional duty to do it if it was there and we didn’t. He will say he’s been vindicated.”

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Pelosi, no amateur at the political game , has argued up until now that the best way to deal with Trump is to oust him at the next election. She has stated numerous times that she fears that a backlash from impeachment could electrify Trump’s base and doom Democrats who helped her win back the House last fall.

Since Republicans will almost certainly never help to produce the two-thirds majority needed to convict Trump in a Senate trial, the argument is that Democrats are walking into an impeachment trap.

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But she was pressured by her caucus, and she gave in. The motive was the phone call to the Ukrainian President and a whistle-blower report. The problem for Nancy Pelosi is that within 24 hours of her impeachment inquiry announcement, the whole thing fell apart when the DOJ cleared President Trump for any malfeasance concerning the call.

I am almost ready to predict, that Donald Trump will win his second term, period. This impeachment is destined to fail, and even the Democrats will tell you that. It is another excuse for the left to continue to throw everything they can at him.

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Brad Parscale, Trump 2020 campaign manager agrees, as he responded to Pelosi’s announcement:

“Democrats can’t beat President Trump on his policies or his stellar record of accomplishment, so they’re trying to turn a Joe Biden scandal into a Trump problem. The misguided Democrat impeachment strategy is meant to appease their rabid, extreme, leftist base, but will only serve to embolden and energize President Trump’s supporters and create a landslide victory for the President.”

They couldn’t win the 2016 election, so they’re trying to implement a long game of continuing to beat him up. Most of us can see this, and polling suggests the people are sick of it.

A recent poll showed that 60% of America does not want the President impeached.

The Democrats have the worst bag of candidates ever.

Herman Cain gave the best response I have seen:

You can’t find a candidate that the people will embrace. You’re running a gaggle of non-starters and socialists that you know will lose in the general. You can’t disenfranchise millions of voters by eliminating the electoral college. So, your only alternative is to impeach the guy who you’ve decided is destroying you.

There’s only one problem.

You’re destroying yourselves.


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