New Peer-Reviewed Survey Finds 64% Of Scientists Skeptical Of Global Warming Crisis

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Forbes is reporting that it is becoming clear that not only do many scientists dispute the asserted global warming crisis, but these skeptical scientists may indeed form a scientific consensus.

The new survey suggests that only 36 percent of geoscientists (earth scientists) and engineers believe that humans are creating a global warming crisis. The statistics were recently reported in the peer-reviewed Organization Studies.

The report includes full biographies of distinguished scientists: Experts in climatology; geology; biology; glaciology; biogeography; meteorology; oceanography; economics; chemistry; mathematics; environmental sciences; astrophysics; engineering; physics and paleoclimatology.

By contrast, a strong majority of the 1,077 respondents believe that nature is the primary cause of recent global warming and/or that future global warming will not be a very serious problem.

Forbes explains:

The survey results show geoscientists (also known as earth scientists) and engineers hold similar views as meteorologists. Two recent surveys of meteorologists (summarized here and here) revealed similar skepticism of alarmist global warming claims.

According to the newly published survey of geoscientists and engineers, merely 36 percent of respondents fit the “Comply with Kyoto” model. The scientists in this group “express the strong belief that climate change is happening, that it is not a normal cycle of nature, and humans are the main or central cause.”

The authors of the survey report, however, note that the overwhelming majority of scientists fall within four other models, each of which is skeptical of alarmist global warming claims.

The survey finds that 24 percent of the scientist respondents fit the “Nature Is Overwhelming” model. “In their diagnostic framing, they believe that changes to the climate are natural, normal cycles of the Earth.” Moreover, “they strongly disagree that climate change poses any significant public risk and see no impact on their personal lives.”

Another group of scientists fit the “Fatalists” model. These scientists, comprising 17 percent of the respondents, “diagnose climate change as both human- and naturally caused. ‘Fatalists’ consider climate change to be a smaller public risk with little impact on their personal life. They are skeptical that the scientific debate is settled regarding the IPCC modeling.”

These scientists are likely to ask, “How can anyone take action if research is biased?”

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That is a long way from AL Gore’s 97% of scientists are in agreement that the sky is falling due to man-made climate change.

I have debated and studied this issue for 20 years.

Here is what I know.

Most of the predictions that have been made over the last 40 years, including global warming and global cooling, have failed to come to fruition.

We have example after example after example of evidences of manipulated data.

Al Gore told us the Arctic Ice Cap would be gone by 2013, and it is now growing.

The bulk of the climate scientists who are screaming that the sky is falling rely on funding, coming from sources that want the answer to be that man is causing global warming.

The UN itself has admitted that one purpose of their work on climate change is to redistribute wealth.

CO2 levels in the United States have been falling for years, and the climate change crowd refuses to tell you that!

Those, like Ocasio-Cortez and Al Gore who are screaming the loudest about carbon footprints, use more than most without blinking an eye.

Just Sayin!


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