Patriots Win With Assist From ‘Reagan’ Play

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Only President Ronald Reagan could possibly make it into the “Patriot” victory in Superbowl 53.

Tom Brady and The New England Patriots utilized a play called ‘Reagan’ in a crucial moment of the Super Bowl on Sunday and went on to victory.

In a game which many predicted to be a high-scoring event, the Patriots bested the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 with both defenses playing an outstanding Super Bowl. You win with defense and except for Ronald Reagan being on the sideline of the Patriots, the Rams might have prevailed. Not that anyone in Los Angeles even knows they have a team, but I digress..

Tom Brady had his team was at the line of scrimmage in the second half of Sunday night’s game and after analyzing the Ram’s defense, he yelled to his teammates; “Reagan! Reagan!” …

The announcer’s and fans all heard the Patriot’s audible, including Tony Romo.

… and of course, Twitter blew up:

Personally, even though I live in LA, I didn’t have a dog in the hunt until liberals, who hate the Patriots for the unforgivable sin of Brady, coach Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft all having personal relationships with President Donald Trump.

check this out:

The New England Patriots are “the preferred team of white nationalists,” according to the Daily Beast, because “[t]heir star quarterback, coach, and owner all supported Trump,” and because Boston, Massachusetts, is a racist city. Just wow. Boston is certainly not a racist city and the New England Patriots aren’t racist either.

Hey if that weren’t enough, how about this little twit who probably never played a real sport in his life thinking he knows anything about anything?

While promoting his upcoming new show, Daniel Radcliffe, was asked by Variety about his Super Bowl opinions. Despite being from the United Kingdom, the actor is still an avid follower of American football, and he has some strong opinions about NFL quarterback Tom Brady due to his political leanings AND dominance of the sport.

What a jerk.

Reagan wins, Trump wins, Brady wins. Hollywood loses. Sorry losers. Guess Brady played his ‘Trump’ card? Muah ha ha ha…




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