Parkland Shooting Survivor Says Not To Blame Guns

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While the anti-gun Parkland students have been receiving the bulk of media attention, there are many survivors struggling to get their message out too.

One of them is Kyle Kashuv, who recently met with both Democratic and Republican lawmakers in Washington to discuss solutions that can address the problem of school shootings and gun violence without taking away gun rights as a whole.

This weekend, Kyle was invited to speak with Margaret Brennan on CBS’ Face The Nation.

Interview on Sunday Television

Last night, Kyle was able to speak his mind on gun control and school safety without having to rely on the scare tactics and screaming and shame of the left. When asked specifically for his opinion on restricting high capacity magazines, he said:

“That won’t solve the issue. What we’ve seen is that there are certain things such as having – enforcing the regulation that’s currently in law. I mean we’ve seen on so many different levels that the cowards of Broward failed, the FBI failed, Sheriff Scott Israel failed.”

He went on to say that while everyone at the March was shouting profanities, saying “F**k the NRA” that the message should have been “F**K Scott Israel.”

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Kyle went on with his remarks. Broadly speaking, this was his argument about gun control:

  • The FBI had flagged Nikolas Cruz.
  • The Broward County Sheriff’s Office had flagged Nikolas Cruz.
  • After the government failed students on so many levels, it’s ironic that students now want to give the government even more control and responsibility as protectors.

As well, Kyle pointed out:

  • The silent majority at his high school agree with him, not David and Emma.
  • As seen in the recent Maryland shooting, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.
  • Senator Marco Rubio is very passionate about preventing school shootings but is being misrepresented in the media.
  • New laws for gun control shouldn’t be able to hurt America on a national scale

On The Second Amendment

Recently, Kyle appeared on Fox News to talk about how he was intentionally left off of the cover of the newest Time magazine which shows only the students spouting Communist talking points.

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During the show Kyle said that the issue isn’t gun control and that they shouldn’t be Marching against the NRA.

Later on Twitter he pointed out that the March seemed to be against “assault rifles” which is not actually a thing that exists in the real world, just a scary sounding way of talking about guns they’d like to ban.

He told media that one of the reasons he would not be participating in the March is because on their website they specifically talk about wanting to ban AR-15s and he doesn’t “agree with that,” while pointing out that the March has intentionally conflated AR-15s with “assault rifles.”

The official website for March For Our Lives asks visitors to sign a petition to ban “the sale of assault weapons like the ones used in Las Vegas, Orlando, Sutherland Springs, Aurora, Sandy Hook and, most recently, to kill 17 innocent people and injure more than a dozen others at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.”

The Excluded Petty Family

Student Alaina Petty was one of the 17 people who was murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine’s Day, and her brother Patrick and father Ryan are both on social media asking for respect.

They have repeatedly asked the obscene bald lesbian Emma Gonzalez to stop using Alaina’s name to push her message, and Ryan has been upset at what has become of the memorial to his daughter and others.

Student Aidan Minoff

One student named Aiden Minoff has also been active on social media but has not been granted the same opportunities as the chinless Hitler Youth beanpole David Hogg. There has been a push to allow Kyle and David to debate each other on gun control, but the demands have been ignored by the Hogg people.

He has recently been commenting on Zachary, the brother of Nikolas Cruz who was found trespassing on school property and is excited that his brother is famous because women will want to have sex with him. Disgusting.

And to end on a positive note, Aidan is an artist who has been posting nice tributes to one of his teachers, Mr. Beigel who was killed during the massacre while saving the lives of his students.

Sources: Fox News, CBS, Twitchy

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