Paid by Performance not by Tenure, What a Novel concept…

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Donald Trump is looking at Michelle Rhee, who has been dubbed ‘Public Enemy No. 1′ of the teachers’ unions, to possibly head the Department of Education. She believes in performance over tenure.

She also supports the Common Core standards which could be a deal breaker with the grassroots as well as Trump, who has declared he would make applesauce out of within his first 100 days.

But she does look great on paper in many other ways. When the teachers union is scared, there is reason to appreciate!

Rhee has done her share of teacher firing in her life, well known to like to clean house! The public school system could use that from top to bottom!

The Daily Mail reports:

The appointment of Rhee – who has been dubbed ‘Public Enemy No. 1′ of the teachers’ unions — would be a bold move by the Trump team, and a signal that his administration is gearing up to take an aggressive stance on education reform.

Her history of backing school choice and battling the teachers’ unions has also earned her support from many conservatives.

Rhee began her career as a teacher with Teach for America, before founding a non-profit group to train educators in 1997.

Rhee has served as CEO of StudentsFirst, a non-profit group she founded in 2010 to lobby for education reform initiatives.

Trump has spent the weekend at his golf club in New Jersey meeting with high-profile figures in the political and business world to finalize members of his Cabinet.

Rhee may get performance when it comes to teachers, but she seems to fail to understand how Common Core lowers performance of students. maybe she should have a meeting with Dr. Jane Robbins! Dr. Robbins is one of the premier experts on how damaging Common Core has been and will continue to be on student performance. This 5 part series is a great jumping off point if you are not familiar!

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