Page Six: Closeted Presidential Candidate Reportedly Now Wishes He Could Go ‘Full Gay’

If you were his campaign manager, what would you advise him to do?

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The New York Post’s publication, Page Six, is reporting that the latest political gossip is that an unnamed candidate is now wishing, in the light of Pete Buttigieg’s success, that #HeToo had come out of the closet and admitted that he was gay! We could wonder who that could be.

It seems now this unnamed candidate is trying to figure out, without admitting that he has lied, how to breach the subject. It is rumored that he is considering coming out as ‘Bi’ in order to wade into the waters.

Page Six explains:

“He thought that there was absolutely no way he could run as an openly gay candidate, so he is shocked by the fact that Pete Buttigieg is doing so well. Now he’s missing out on all that support so he has to rethink his strategy . . . He can’t go ‘full gay’ now or else he would be accused of being a liar, so he is thinking of announcing that he is bi. That way he could have a girlfriend . . . and start courting the pro-gay support (especially the Hollywood money) that is going to Buttigieg.”

One political insider quipped, “He’s probably wishing he’d stood up earlier and identified himself.”

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Page Six attributes the information to Blind Gossip, which claims:

His strategy was always to bury the truth about himself. However, he is now shocked to find himself usurped by someone who did not!

This politician may be regretting his initial strategy. He is now huddling with his team to try to figure out if he needs to take a different tack.

Buttigieg has risen to the top tier as an openly gay Presidential candidate. Even his husband has been quite open about their life, and it seems to just excel Pete even further:

“Pete and I got together through the Internet. There’s a widely known dating app called Hinge. Many use it as a social gathering together because it’s a good way to connect to lots of people who are happy to meet you.” says Chasten Glezman, Buttigieg’s husband. “And I’m from Michigan and have been a schoolteacher.”

“And I’m here to meet more people, more Democrats, new friends who think as we do and are interested in fostering peace, helping the country and working against poverty.”

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He’s actually my favorite candidate the Dems have. He’s laid back, seems to reject the uber far left. I won’t vote for him, but he seems to be the most reasonable that they have.

But I imagine, it will go down hill. Gay men are known for teasing straight men sexually. Whether fair or not, I am expecting the Sanders camp of trying to #MeToo Pete….

Which brings us back to Spartacus the unnamed candidate that seems to want to play the gay card. I would advise him to just wait.

He already has a #MeToo claim from a man on the table. I am pretty sure, as the pattern always shows, there will be more.

Spartacus The unnamed candidate isn’t going to make it past last tier anyway. I’m pretty confident in that.

There is only one candidate who has been pulled into the #MeToo movement with accusations that he “pressured” a young man for “favors”.



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