Oxford ‘Fix’ for Gender Gap? Give Women More Time to Take Exams!

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As a woman, there is nothing more insulting and infuriating than a patronizing attitude that we somehow are helpless, whether physically or cognitively and that we need special favors to help poor little us! Sure, physically there are differences that can not be denied and I have no problem admitting I need my husband to open a jar from time to time. But overall, in a chosen profession, women should have to prove their abilities just as much as any man.

Liberals have been fighting for equality, but I’m not sure they quite understand the meaning of the word. In many instances, equality to them means giving unfair advantages to one group to “make up” for past inequalities. We see this with affirmative action giving preferential treatment to minorities which essentially sends a message of inferiority and pity, and there is no denying that the stigma affects people’s self worth and ultimately performance.

Oxford University apparently sees women as victims. In math and science, women tend to score lower than men. So they have decided that poor little women need more time on exams because apparently our brains can’t work as fast as a man’s. Nothing insulting in that!

H/T Daily Wire

Oxford University was apparently troubled that men were outperforming women on math and computer science exams, so they decided to allow extra testing time in an attempt to alleviate the gender gap since “female candidates might be more likely to be adversely affected by time pressure.”

In other words, Oxford lowered standards on their tests, making them easier to pass, with the hope of improving women’s test scores and achieving “true equality.”

The Telegraph reports:

Students taking maths and computer science examinations in the summer of 2017 were given an extra 15 minutes to complete their papers, after dons ruled that “female candidates might be more likely to be adversely affected by time pressure”. There was no change to the length or difficulty of the questions.

It was the first time such steps had been taken. In previous years, the percentage of male students awarded first class degrees was double that of women and in 2016 the board of examiners suggested that the department make changes to improve women’s grades.

It turns out that the move to rid the science and math gender gap didn’t pan out the way Oxford might have hoped. “Despite the intention being to lessen gender discrepancies, the main effect of the time increase appears to have been an increase in the number of 2:1s overall, with 2:2 figures falling. Men continued to be awarded more first class degrees than women in the two subjects,” notes The Telegraph.

Oxford is standing by their decision to adjust testing times; a university spokesman called the change “academically demanding and fair.”

Antonia Siu, a female undergraduate representative of Oxford Women in computer science, told The Telegraph she was “uneasy about schemes to favour one gender over another,” but said she is “happy when people see gaps between groups of people who should not reasonably have such gaps — such as between genders, races or class — and take that as a starting point to think about the kinds of people they unintentionally are leaving behind.”

Keep in mind, math and science classes are teaching future doctors and engineers, not exactly fields that should compromise on level of expertise! If I have the choice between a male and female doctor from a University that practices this, guess which one I am going to pick? I don’t care if my doctor is male or female – I want the BEST.

Look if there is a gender gap in these fields, either find and fix the reason why (which seems to stem from very early childhood) or accept it and still choose the best person for the job. By the way, don’t women tend to do better in English classes? Do men get more time on those exams?

This is clearly discrimination against men! Perhaps the men of Oxford should exercise their right to “gender fluidity” on exam days so they too can take advantage of the extra time. What a crock! If I were at a university that offered me more time on an exam, simply because I am a girl, I would proudly say “no thanks! I got this!”

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