Owner of Gun Range Running for Governor of Arkansas

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Well, well, would you lookie here?

If feminists in Arkansas want to support a strong woman who is running for office, Jan Morgan would be a good place to start.

Morgan officially announced her candidacy for the position of governor of Arkansas.

Morgan will reportedly be running as a Republican against incumbent Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson. The current governer has held the position since his election in 2014, according to The Kansas City Star.

The gun rights activist and owner of Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range in Hot Springs, Arkansas, reportedly made headlines back in 2014 for declaring that her range would be a “Muslim Free Zone,” according to The Daily Wire.

As reported by The Daily Wire, Morgan’s campaign announcement for the gubernatorial position came shortly before the new year with the launch of a campaign video.

In the video, Morgan denounces other Republicans elected to the state legislature who she says have “legislated like Democrats.”

Morgan asserts that critics have said Arkansans are uninformed about the issues affecting their state. However, she expressed optimism and insisted that the people of Arkansas are “smarter than they think.”

“I am excited about the future potential of our beautiful state, and her people,” Morgan said.

She continued: “I am excited because I have discovered the skeptics were wrong when they said, the people of Arkansas are not educated on the issues in their state, and believe the lies of professional politicians who are taxing them into poverty, regulating them out of business and enslaving them with government entitlements.”

“I know the skeptics are wrong about our people. Our folks are smarter than they think.”

Morgan went on to declare the Arkansas state government needed transparency, and insisted that legislators should not be able to “hide behind group votes.”

“We must demand roll call votes on all issues in the Senate and House judiciary,” she added. “Legislators should not be allowed to hide behind group voice votes, where there is no record of how they voted when representing their constituency.”

Also on Morgan’s agenda is cutting government waste, citing slashing spending and reducing the size of government as a way to revive The Natural State.

“We must cut waste in state spending. But this doesn’t mean sacrificing essential services to the poor, the elderly, the sick, and the disabled,” she said. “Nor does it mean cutting badly needed funds that our counties depend on.”

Morgan also noted Arkansas relatively high tax rates for income, state and property taxes and claimed that nearby states like Texas (which has no state income tax) were drawing business from the state.

Unsurprisingly, gun rights are another hot-button issue for Morgan. Furthering Second Amendment rights, including open carry laws are also on the candidate’s radar, according to The Daily Wire.

Morgan’s declaration of a “Muslim free zone” has attracted scrutiny before.

Morgan declared her gun range was a “Muslim Free Zone” in 2014 on social media and her website, insisting it was for her safety.

But many religious and civil liberties advocates said Morgan was denying rights protected under the Civil Rights Act, according to the Guardian.

The U.S. Department of Justice said officials were monitoring the range in 2015 for potential constitutional violations.

“It’s unfortunately similar to what we’ve historically seen with public business accommodations in the South during the 1960s that literally advertised black people weren’t allowed,” Jenifer Wicks, litigation director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told the Guardian. “She seems to have turned that on its face.”

The Arkansas Times reported in early 2015 that a father-son duo who visited Morgan’s range were turned away by a woman who told them, “I would hope if you were Muslim you guys wouldn’t be cowards and would be up front about it.”

Morgan, a second amendment supporter, firearm instructor and television investigative journalist, confirmed over the phone knowledge of the federal government’s decision to monitor her business, but referred the Guardian to an essay she posted this week by way of a response. In it, she writes that she banned Muslims from firing guns at her range because of her responsibility “for the safety and security of innocent people from all races and backgrounds who handle firearms in my facility”.

Ok Feminists! You want a real lady to back? Try Jan Morgan for Governor in Arkansas! When it comes to supporting the 2nd Amendment – she’s one of the best.



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