An Open Letter to the GOP Members of Congress to Repeal Obamacare!

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Dear Impotent and Spineless Liars, I mean Leaders,

Do you remember all those costly ads you put out last fall that repeated over and over at nauseam how you were going to repeal Obamacare on day one? Here we are 8 months in and you haven’t accomplished anything!  As a matter of fact, you seem further from repeal than ever.

Your ads last fall didn’t mention “Skinny Repeal” or “Repeal in phases.” They were constant and crystal clear. You promised to repeal this nonsense, in whole. That got you elected. Your lack of action is what will keep that from happening again, I can promise you that.

We are sick of paying for Planned Parenthood, we are sick of the high premiums and laughable deductibles. We are sick of seeing hours get cut because businesses can’t afford to keep full-time employees covered.

You said you would get it done. You whined you couldn’t repeal it already because of Obama. You said “if only we had the White House”. You get handed the White House and still can’t even pass the same exact repeal bill you passed when Obama was President. You remind me of all those loudmouths who said they would leave the country if Trump won. You are nothing but talk.

You know what I think? I think you were all counting on Hillary to win. Then, you could continue to blame your inaction on a Democrat in the White House. I’m willing to bet some of you even voted for her. Seems to me you don’t want to repeal Obamacare at all. You don’t want to risk being the one who took away an entitlement.

And those of you who actually do want to repeal it? Speak up! Get it done! Find a way instead of finding excuses! You have all three branches of the government on your side and you STILL can’t fulfill the biggest promise of the 2016 election. What a bunch of impotent “leaders” you are.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, I honestly don’t know how you are hanging on to your positions. If I were you I would have a backup plan for when you are voted out. Otherwise, you might end up having to actually be on Obamacare and maybe then you’ll realize what all the fuss was about. Didn’t the last election teach you ANYTHNG? You are living in the D.C. bubble and have no idea, but trust me, the electorate really hates you right now.

I’m reminded of the Peter Principle. People tend to be promoted until they hit their level of incompetence. You are there and it isn’t pretty.

I would love to be proven wrong and you may have one more shot at it. When you reconvene this week, GET THIS DONE! ‘We the People’ have an albatross around our necks and we are drowning. You have the power to stop it. Your congressional majority is being completely wasted. Watching Obamacare go down in flames on its own is tempting, but you are wrong if you don’t think the people will blame you for letting it get this far.

Primaries for the mid-terms are just around the corner and if you think we will forget these broken promises and wimpy little excuses, you are sadly mistaken. I have never seen my Republican friends quite this angry. They already insist they will vote for your replacements no matter what.

Vote for you once, shame on you. Vote for you twice, shame on me.


A constituent with a $15,000 deductible on a plan, where we pay $11,000 a year, for a family of 3!

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