What One Person in Trump’s Cabinet Would Make the Left Self-Destruct? [VIDEO]

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Sarah Palin. BOOM!


Donald Trump is reportedly considering Palin to become Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Palin herself is not a veteran, but has family who are veterans and there are few people in the nation who have been as outspoken about Veterans Affairs as Sarah Palin.

The Democrats in the media will absolutely have a field day. Their problem is that, like Donald Trump, Sarah Palin really doesn’t care what they think and is more than willing to push back twice as hard.

I agree with the commentator, my preference is Mitt Romney. Romney has vast experience working to turn around organizations that are failing, and Lord knows the Veterans Administration is one of the biggest failures in a failed Obama administration.

Personally, I’d like to see the Veterans Administration reduced to specialty hospitals that serve severely wounded combat vets. The rest of the VA should be shut down and veterans health insurance should be converted to private insurance that they can use at their local hospitals or with the doctor of their choice. I’d also like to see people like the former head of the Phoenix VA Hospital, Sharon Hellman, prosecuted for negligent homicide in the deaths of the veterans in Phoenix who died waiting for appointments so Hellman could receive bonuses.

If Mitt doesn’t get the job, I’d be fine with Sarah Palin if for no other reason than watching the convolutions of Democrats trying to deal with somebody who’s willing to fight back. So far they don’t have a good record of doing that and by nominating Sarah Palin President-elect Trump will certainly rub their nose in it.

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