Omar Throws Race And Victim Cards – Lashes Out At Pence and Pompeo… Calls Trump ‘Embarrassing’

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Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar bristled and lashed out at Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and President Trump Friday after facing criticism for her own comments on the chaotic situation in Venezuela. Pompeo correctly labeled Omar as “ignorant” after hearing she blamed the United States for Venezuela’s implosion. Omar stated: “Policies that we’ve put in place has kind of helped lead the devastation in Venezuela.”

Omar attempted to slap back at Trump in a tweet where she referenced a long phone call between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin that took place Friday. “Speaking of ‘ignorance’, maybe the @VP and @SecPompeo should spend less time worrying about mine and more time getting the Trump his briefing before he gets on the phone with Putin, or the media, or anyone,” she tweeted. “This is embarrassing.” What she doesn’t say is that Trump was warning Putin to back off in Venezuela.

Then Omar took aim at Pence, who correctly asserted that she didn’t “know what she’s talking about” in regards to Venezuela. She insinuated in a tweet that he only criticized her because she was a woman of color. “Women of color have heard this before. Instead of ‘we disagree,’ it’s ‘she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.’ They have to make us feel small,” she tweeted. Omar predictably threw the race and gender cards when she could not defend her actions and words.

Omar also said, “They have to make us feel small. This from an Administration that thinks climate change is a Chinese hoax.” So many lies, so little brains.

Pence again correctly assigned blame for the unrest to embattled President Nicolas Maduro who is facing an uprising in his own country and the very real possibility of American interventionism over his dictatorial ways:

“Nicolas Maduro is a socialist dictator who has taken what was one of the most prosperous nations in this hemisphere and brought it literally to a level of deprivation and oppression and poverty that we have never seen,” Pence said. “Nine out of 10 people in Venezuela live in poverty. Three million people have fled Venezuela. That’s not a result of U.S. policies. That’s the result of dictatorship and socialism that has been imposed on people of Venezuela by Nicolas Maduro.”

Pence took direct aim at Omar on Twitter, “As Venezuelans take to the streets to stand for their freedom against an oppressive dictator, Democrat Congresswoman @IlhanMN chooses socialism over freedom. The Trump Administration stands with the freedom-loving people of Venezuela.” That’s what got Omar so riled up and she had it coming. She has evidently never met a communist of totalitarian dictator she did not love.

Republican Congressman and former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw also slammed Omar’s idiocy over the situation in Venezuela:

“Her opinion is not based on facts or reality. I have been going to Venezuela a long time. My family actually used to live in Caracas. I have traveled there a number of times. I have watched these [socialist] policies ruin the country. It’s not U.S. policy. She didn’t give an example [of a U.S. policy that destroyed Venezuela] because she doesn’t have any.

“What has actually happened through price controls and nationalization of the private industry is, you ruined a economy. We have 100 years of examples to show for this. When you put in socialist policies, it destroys a country. That happens over and over again. People starve. That is what is happening now.

“These failed ideas [of socialism] that keep bubbling up. It’s a shame we have members of Congress defending them and always going back to, ‘It’s the US’ fault. It’s always America’s fault. If you disagree with me, you are disagreeing with me because of my identity.’

“That is what she said in the tweet. That is really cheap. A cheap shot.”

Omar has denounced international support for Guaidó as a “coup” and Guaidó’s party as “far right” despite its membership in the Socialist International. It’s a typical tactic by the left… the using of the term ‘far-right’ in an attempt to smear someone they do not agree with. Guaido is not leftist or communist enough for Omar. But in my eyes, he’s far more preferable than Maduro the butcher.

Omar’s insertion of herself into an explosive situation like this that could lead to war very easily now is inexcusable. I agree with Pence and Pompeo, Omar doesn’t know what she’s talking about and she is the epitome of anti-Americanism and is the new face of the Democratic Party.

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