Ilhan Omar and Rand Paul AGREE: Good Riddance, John Bolton

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It is a rare day when hell freezes over and liberal Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and conservative Senator Rand Paul agree on something, but… They both agree that it is a good thing that John Bolton was fired! Their total reasoning was slightly different, but they both made it clear: Good riddance!

While both felt that Bolton, as many others have, including this writer, is sometimes a bit quick to go to war, Senator Paul also felt the former national security advisor was also ‘naive’ and accused him of working against Trump’s agenda.

“I think if you’re gonna work for the president, you need to work for the president,” he explained to Neil Cavuto on Fox News.

“You need to try to further the president’s agenda. My opinion is that I saw John Bolton working against the president’s agenda. He had his own agenda,” Paul added.

“And when the president was trying to negotiate a deal with North Korea, you got Bolton out there saying we should try ‘the Libyan solution’ which means we should execute their leader,” he said.

Senator Paul as well agreed with Omar that Bolton tended to head us towards unnecessary war.

Paul said, “I think the threat of war around the world is greatly diminished with Bolton out of the White House. I think he had a naive point of view for the world that we should topple regimes everywhere and institute democratic governments and we would make the world perfect or remake the world in our image and frankly doesn’t work that way. There’s a lot of history of getting rid of strongmen in the Middle East and having them replaced by vacuums or chaos. Or actually making the place more hospitable for terrorist training.”

He added, “I think his idea that the way you deal with Iran is topple the government or the whale — the way you deal with North Korea is topple the government. The president is talking about not having regime change and finding a diplomatic solution of some of these conflicts around the world, and I think the president deserves to have somebody who’s his national security visor who actually will try to further his policy and not try to stymie it.”

Paul has been a longtime critic of Bolton and his pressures that ended in long term wars in the past.

Shortly after Bolton’s departure, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar also weighed in on Twitter:

“John Bolton has been one of the leading proponents of making the world a more dangerous place,” she tweeted on Tuesday. “Good riddance.”

It is well known that Trump brought Bolton on as a ‘good cop/bad cop’ piece of his negotiations in Foreign Policy.

I don’t always agree with Rand Paul’s ‘isolationist’ mentality. Sometimes you just have to take action.

But Paul is right. The President is the President. When you undermine that, you have to go!

I love how President Trump is very willing to say, “You’re Fired!” He hires differently than most presidents. He hires for a purpose. If that purpose is not met, he lets you go.

Past Presidents would have not spent there political capital in this way. They would have kept Bolton, even though it was not the best decision, to keep from looking like they made a mistake hiring him.

Trump is not afraid. THAT is what makes him so effective, even if the media doesn’t like it!


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