Old, Establishment Republicans Pushing Trump on Global Warming Tax. Not Kidding. [VIDEO]

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Establishment Republicans – known as the Stupid Party – are trying to push Donald Trump into a carbon tax to reduce “global warming” and continue to cripple the already crippled Obama economy.  The Leftist media is characterizing these establishment losers as “prominent Republicans.”  While it’s true their names may be fairly well known they are anything but prominent.


George HW Bush’s Secretary of State James Baker is the point of the spear in the group that’s trying to sell more of Obama economics to the Trump administration.  Baker and a Group from the “Climate Leadership Council” met with Trump advisors last week for about 45 minutes.  Baker also met briefly with Mike Pence.

“We know we have an uphill slog to get Republicans interested in this.  But a conservative, free-market approach is a very Republican way of approaching the problem.”  That was Baker blathering about his pitch to the Trump administration.

Let’s be clear, the only people who believe a carbon tax is either conservative or free-market don’t understand the meaning of either term.

Baker is joined on his foe conservative committee by people like George Schultz and a variety of old-line, establishment Republicans who have done nothing but sell out the conservative base of the party for 40 years.

They’re not likely to get very far with Donald Trump since both Trump and the majority of the House of Representatives have come out against carbon taxes.  They actually understand that a carbon tax will hurt the economy not help it as Baker and his ilk are preaching.

It’s fair to say that Baker and company probably believe that it will help the economy, simply because it will increase regulations and increase the number of gnomes in Washington required to manage the program.  Since Baker has been employed by either state or federal governments most of his adult life he probably thinks that adding to government employment helps the economy.  That’s one of the reasons they refer to people like Baker as the “Stupid Party.”

Just so were clear who is supporting this measure, let’s take a look at who James Baker really is.

He was George HW Bush’s Secretary of State, and in that role he was the first U.S. official to negotiate directly with the “Palestinians” and leverage American aid Israel to force the Israelis into negotiations to halt Israeli settlements.

Baker is likely Barack Obama’s role model and mentor when it comes to dealing with Israel.  When someone challenged Baker about his anti-Semitism he’s reported to have said, “F*ck the Jews, they don’t vote for us.”

It’s obvious that Baker and his buddies are nothing more than Democrats dressed up by the media so I can pretend to be Republicans.

Howard Baker and his cronies did everything possible to defeat Donald Trump in both the primary and the general election last year.  The appropriate response to Baker and the Stupids should be:  “F*ck the Republican Establishment, then don’t vote for us.”

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