Ohio School Suspends Middle School Boy for Honoring Fallen Soldiers

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Tyler Carlin, a student at Celina Middle School in Celina, Ohio, was instead handed a three day in school suspension after creating a project to honor the nation’s fallen soldiers. This did not happen in a liberal bastion. The county Tyler lives in is overwhelmingly conservative, with President Trump carrying 83 percent of the vote in 2016.

Angry yet? See below for school and district contact info!

Dozens of people were angry about it! They gathered in from of Celina Middle School  last week to protest the suspension of the 8th grader.

Tyler’s offensive project was making a battle cross. The battle cross is a monument to honor fallen soldiers with a military helmet at the top, a gun in the middle and boots at the bottom.

According to Lenard, Tyler was given a 3-day in school suspension for bringing the toy gun as the middle piece in the monument.

“It wasn’t a gun he brought to school,” he said. “It was a toy Nerf gun, and it clearly said Nerf on the side of it.”

Todd Starnes explains:

A 13-year-old Ohio middle schooler now has a three day suspension on his permanent record. His crime? Making a battlefield cross replica for a school history project.

Tyler Carlin, a student at Celina Middle School in Celina, Ohio only wanted to honor the nation’s fallen soldiers, but was instead handed a three day in school suspension.

The charge was initially for “bringing a look alike weapon to school and creating a disturbance,” his attorney Travis Faber said on The Todd Starnes Show Friday. But that was changed to “insubordination.”

“Frankly, I don’t know what that means and I went to law school,” Faber told Fox Nation’s Todd Starnes. “That could mean any number of things and I don’t really see how it applies to this situation.”

The battlefield cross is a military memorial that usually places the fallen soldier’s rifle in his boots with his helmet hung over it. Carlin, with permission from his teacher, used a Nerf Dart blaster to recreate the memorial.

Upon arriving to school to present his project, which included a powerpoint presentation, Carlin was stopped by a school official and told to leave his memorial in the school’s office.

Faber said that Carlin was then allowed to give the presentation, but without the visual aid of the memorial.

Following his presentation, Faber said, Carlin’s parents were called to the school and were informed that their son had been suspended for three days for bringing his memorial.

“They [his parents] weren’t particularly happy about it,” Faber said. “They thought what their son was doing was something that frankly would honor fallen soldiers and honor the memories of some of the people that they knew and that Tyler had grown up with.”

The case has prompted protests and calls for the superintendent to be fired.

“I think that it is a very disgusting act that they did to discipline a young man for doing something so honorable,” Staff Sgt. Janice Holdheide said.

Sgt. Holdheide is a Celina City Schools alumna and Army veteran. She served two combat tours in Iraq. For her, the Fallen Soldier Battle Cross is more than a symbol.

“For us, this is the last opportunity that we often get to pay our respects to the guys we served with, to the people that we have lived beside and survived this with,” Sgt. Holdheide said. “When we lose them and they’re gone, all we get is their boots and their rifle and their helmet.”

Dozens feel the same, and showed their support for Tyler in front of his school on Wednesday.

“One, we want justice for Tyler. We want this suspension off his record,” Tyler Renfro said. “Two, I want Schmiesing [CCS Superintendent] out of office.”

Sgt. Holdheide said she signed up to speak at the school board meeting on Monday about this issue, but was cut off by board president Carl Huber. <–His contact info below!

“He told me we can’t discuss that, well I didn’t have any questions for him,” Sgt. Holdheide said.

Insanity at it’s finest! Even in a solid conservative district, we find school administrators with little to no common sense. Well, you know the drill. We kindly call and email them, and let them know that this is unacceptable behavior on the part of the school and district.

As I say often, it is not just this incident. It is the lack of that little part of the brain missing in these administrators and teachers that says, “STOP! This might not be a good idea!”

They are not the bosses. They are public servants and the taxpayers are the masters.

School and District Contact:

Celina Middle School Phone: 419-586-8300 ext. 2000

Principal: Ann Esselstein, 419-586-8300 ext. 2002 Email: [email protected]

Superintendent: Ken Schmiesing, 419-586-8300 ext. 1002 Email: [email protected]

School Board President: Carl Huber 419-305-6986 Email: [email protected]

School Facebook

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