OHIO COLLEGE PROFESSOR Threatens to Slaughter Everyone at NRA Headquarters

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Have you ever noticed that we on the right probably have about 90% of the guns and those on the left have about 90% of the completely unhinged nut cases who like to threaten people?

Case in point, there is a college professor named James Pearce who indoctrinate supple young minds at Southern State community college in Ohio.


Here’s a Facebook posting that Pearce put up on his Facebook site, just for laughs.


Then he got his panties in a wad when, after threatening to “storm the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, and make sure there are no survivors” someone reported him to the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

He doesn’t understand the basic principle of, “if you see something say something.”

He, and his idiot Facebook followers, can’t for the life of them understand how anyone could take that seriously. I mean really, don’t the authorities know that the only people who make threats like that are white Christians. I thought everybody knew that. Well, except for the occasional Muslim terrorist.

The community college hasn’t taken any action against Pearce and I wouldn’t suggest holding your breath until they do. After all, he’s a “protected class,” a far left university professor.

Given that the FBI and Homeland Security were actually investigating all of the Muslim terrorists who butchered people in the U.S. in the last couple of years and couldn’t find any problems, I can’t imagine that they would take any action against Pierce. He’s going to get a complete walk on his threat and will count the investigation as a badge of honor.

Here’s his latest Facebook post, note the comment “I feel so special.”


Personally, I think Pearce should take action on his words. I think it would be hilarious to see a bunch of people with guns they don’t know how to use “storming NRA headquarters” with the intention of making sure there are no survivors. I’m pretty sure that there wouldn’t be any survivors. After all, at last report, everyone who works at the NRA has a concealed carry permit and carries a gun to work. Since I have a shooting range at the headquarters, I’m pretty sure they know how to use them too.

Yep, there wouldn’t be any survivors. Well, nobody who was in the gaggle of idiots storming NRA headquarters with James Pearce would survive.

And the world would be a better place.

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  1. Linda says

    Infected by brainwashing in the public school system & public institutions of higher learning, which don’t allow free thought among professors…..or they’re GONE……and don’t allow students to graduate with their diploma unless they have signed an agreement that they accept the “doctrine of the school.” What crazies are in leadership in our state colleges and universities!!

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