Off-Duty Female Officer, Mother, Gets Robbed, Criminal Did Not Know She Carried [VIDEO]

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Katia del Silva Sastreis a 42-year-old mother of a seven-year-old and a two-year-old daughter. She is also a 20-year police veteran who was attending an event with her oldest child. A man tried to rob her and other mothers in broad daylight on the street.

He had no idea she was a cop and she was carrying her piece.

He didn’t make it! You can see the video below.

Brazil is notorious for a high violent crime rate which is why it was no surprise that 21-year-old Elivelton Neves Moreira tried to rob a group of mothers with their children during a Mother’s Day event in Sao Paulo on Saturday.

The mothers were waiting at the gates of a private school where the event was supposed to take place. Moreira, armed with a gun, approached the group with ill intentions. He just robbed the unarmed school security guard of his wallet, and cell phone before shifting his attention to the mothers.

“I didn’t know if he was going to shoot the kids or the mothers or the security guard at the school door,” Sastreis said. “I just thought about defending the moms, the children, my own life and my daughter’s.”

According to the Brazilian daily newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, the events seen in the video unfolded as follows:

A military police officer accompanied by her seven-year-old daughter reacted to a robbery in front of a school in the Jardim dos Ipês neighborhood in Suzano on Saturday morning [May 12], killing the assailant.

Katia del Silva Sastre, 42, was off-duty when she fired three times at the thief, identified as Elivelton Neves Moreira, 21. Moreira fell to the ground and was then disarmed. He was taken to the hospital, where he died.

The incident occurred around 8:00 AM. Mothers and small children were waiting outside the gates of a private school for a Mother’s Day party when they were approached by a young man armed with a .38 caliber revolver who announced his intention to rob them.

The police officer pulled out her pistol and shot the robber in the chest and leg. The suspect fell backwards onto the street, dropping his weapon in the process. The officer walked over to him, turned him face down, and subdued him until the arrival of medical and police assistance.

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According to the officer’s husband, Lieutentant Andre Alves, the suspect got off one shot, but it is not known whether he fired before or after Katia shot him.

“The first shot richoted off something. On his second attempt to fire, his weapon jammed. Thankfully [Katia] was faster than he was, because when a thug discovers he’s being confronted by a police officer, he shoots to kill,” Alves said.

Alves said that Katia has been with the police force for 20 years. “In our profession we must always be alert. I was recently shot in the arm while on duty,” Alves said.

According to Alves, Katia is doing well. “She is calm, knowing that she acted correctly. Everything ended fine. It would have been a greater risk if the suspect had found out she was a cop first,” he said.

“She pushed the children out of the way and approached the thief. She shoots, the boy shoots, the boy tries to shoot at her leg,” Brazilian public security secretary Maggie Alves said. “She immobilizes the boy and calls the [emergency services]. It was a perfect procedure from a technical point of view.”

Amen sista! THIS is why we have the right to defend ourselves, with deadly force, in the United States of America! Sastreis very well could have saved many lives.


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