Ocasio-Cortez Vexed About Being Shamed By Giant Times Square Billboard

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Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fought against Amazon placing their 2nd headquarters in NY, losing the state an estimated +100,000 total jobs.

An ad posted on a billboard in New York City is calling out her out for her role in the the failed deal that would have seen Amazon open a facility in the city, and she is NOT happy!

Ocasio-Cortez applauded Amazon’s exit on social media last week as a victory over “corporate greed” which outraged many business proponents.

The billboard reads “AMAZON PULLOUT…Thanks For Nothing AOC…25,000 lost NYC jobs…$4 billion in lost wages…$12 billion in lost economic activity”

The advertisement was paid for by the “Job Creators Network,” an organization that promotes businesses and job growth through capitalism, according to the organization’s website.

Job Creators Network claims Ocasio-Cortez’ goals are short-term and the Amazon deal would have improved the city in the long-term.

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“Not only will New Yorkers lose out on 25,000 new jobs and $4 billion in wages, but also $12 billion in economic activity for the region. This is money that would have been flowing through the hands of consumers and businesses in the area—strengthening local communities and expanding commerce,” Job Creators Network posted to its website.


Ocasio-Cortez responded by using a reference to Michael Scott, the character played by Steve Carell in “The Office.”

“Billionaires paying to put up anti-progressive propaganda in Times Square is like the obscenely rich version of the scene where Michael Scott points to the Bubba Gump and saying ‘This is it, this is the heart of civilization, right here,’” she wrote on Twitter.

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She also tweeted:

Few things effectively communicate the power we’ve built in fighting dark money & anti-worker policies like billionaire-funded groups blowing tons of cash on wack billboards (this one is funded by the Mercers).

(PS fact that it’s in Times Sq tells you this isn’t for/by NYers.)

In a pair of new billboards, the advocacy group called out Ocasio-Cortez again.

One billboard displays the message:

“Hey AOC, saw your wack tweet.”

A second billboard noted that, while it cost $4,000 to display a message in Times Square, Amazon’s canceled plans cost New York City the 25,000 high-paying jobs the company had promised to bring to the area, as well as some $4 billion in lost wages.

“Facts are facts: while the Job Creators Network did spend some money highlighting the economic consequences of the Amazon pullout, Ocasio-Cortez deprived New York of 25,000 new jobs and $4 billion in annual wages,” said Alfredo Ortiz, JCN President and CEO. “She can call us out all she wants about how we spend our money, but it’s clear that most people care more about how she spends theirs.”

Job Creators was not the only one going after Ocasio-Cortez. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio stated that she had no idea what she was talking.

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He pointed out that the deal to build a new office complex in Long Island City would’ve freed up money to fix the subway system and hire more teachers.

In an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, the host said the tax breaks offered to Amazon weren’t “money you had over here. And it was going over there.”

“Correct,” de Blasio replied. “And that $3 billion that would go back in tax incentives was only after we were getting the jobs and getting the revenue.”

To clarify, Todd said, “There not $3 billion in money…”

“There’s no money—right,” de Blasio said.

I am so glad this election is becoming a discussion of the difference between capitalism and socialism, and that those like Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders are willing to be honest about how they feel.

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