Ocasio-Cortez Slanders Customs and Border Patrol in Unhinged Rant, then is DESTROYED by Agent [VIDEO]

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Without any evidence to back up her psychotic rant against hard-working U.S. Border Patrol and Customs Agents whatsoever, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also known by her initials, AOC, took to Twitter and viciously smeared these dedicated officials, accusing them of racist crimes against children. AOC has said many outrageous and dangerous things to her considerable social media following, but this is a direct assault on the CBP (Custom and Border Protection) department, accusing them of ‘deliberately’ trying to ‘cage children and inject them with drugs” because “of their national origin”

Keep in mind, this is an actual Democratic member of Congress, claiming our own border patrol and customs agents are committing illegal atrocities against children.. WATCH IN HER OWN WORDS:

Girls Rented, Assaulted and Raped on Way to Border: Shame on Those Who Lure Them Here.

Just when you thought OAC could not be more unhinged – she proves everyone wrong.

Most rational people know that government agencies – especially border patrol and US Customs do everything they can to help alien children, dragged by coyotes, family members, drug smugglers, sex-traffickers and asylum seekers. So why is AOC saying these psychotic, anti-American things on Twitter?

There’s actually an full explanation for it:

Beto O’Rourke Announces a GIFT for Sex Traffickers and Drug Smugglers!

We’ve uncovered the man who put Ocasio-Cortez In power and it’s far worse than you would imagine. Far-left groups are actually auditioning actresses and, in this case, bartenders who are sufficiently skilled in communications and anti-Capitalism to run for Congress…

Sound insane? Yes, but watch the video below – it will sincerely open your eyes, and make clear why Ocasio-Cortez does what she does, and why there is a huge civil-war among withing the Democrat Party. According to Christopher Patrick Kohls freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) actually auditioned for the role of congresswoman.

“Back in 2016, we put out a call for nominations,” says Justice Democrat’s executive director, Alexandra Rojas. “We got over 10,000 nominations. Out of those 10,000 nominations, we found Alexandria.” If you think about that for a moment she begins to make perfect sense.

Ocasio-Coprtez has been leading the Democrat Party down the road of civil war, as well as one of pure socialism, and now we know where it is all coming from. AOC is not in charge of all of this, the far-left Justice Democrats funded by, among other people, Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks is pulling all of the strings. In fact, the big plan by Uyger is to conduct a hostile takeover of the Democrat party in whole.

Ocasio-Cortez seems to be well spoken on the socialist ideology, yet sometimes acts like she has never heard of politics, government, and current events, this is why. When she is fed her talking points, she is generally on point for the failed ideology. When she goes off on her own, we see how much she really does know, which is not much.

Ever wonder how anyone – even a far-left liberal district in New York – could possibly elect someone as seemingly stupid, outright unqualified and insane as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Congress? Well, wonder no more

If you are also wondering just who the heck Cenk Uygur is, check him out below. I can tell you from being on this YouTube show “The Young Turks” that Cenk is neither young or Turkish – but he does belong on YouTube and not anywhere near an actual TV show.

First of all, he’s a racist – which is usually the case when people call everyone else a racist – read:

The Young Turks is being sued by a former employee who said he was subjected to discriminatory treatment — and ultimately fired — because he is black.

Andrew Jones, a black journalist who worked for the Turks for six months in 2017, says he was fired after he refused to sign a severance agreement under which he would agree to not sue TYT Network for racial discrimination.

Jones’s lawsuit seeks compensatory damages and punitive damages of at least $75,000, plus attorney’s fees and litigation costs. He says he suffered economic injury in the form of lost wages and a “harmed reputation” as well as “considerable emotional distress,” according to the lawsuit.

Secondly, he’s a loud-mouthed sexist, mysogynist and dope: “Young Turks” creator and host Cenk Uygur made multiple graphic and disparaging remarks about women in his early days as a blogger, including saying that women were genetically “flawed” because they don’t want to have sex often enough.

Real funny guy.. And dissafected as you’ll see below.

Uygur said he wrote the posts while he was still a conservative, before he underwent a political transformation into a liberal. His news organization, The Young Turks, now offers left-leaning stories and commentary.

In another entry, “Rules of Dating,” Uygur described how fast physical intimacy should progress.

“Women, ignore these at your peril,” he wrote. “Rule 1: There must be some serious making out by the third date. If I haven’t felt your tits by then, things are not about to last much longer. In fact, if you don’t get back on track by the fourth date, you’re done.”

He added: “Rule 2: There must be orgasm by the fifth date.”

In a a post archived in 2003, he wrote about carousing with numerous women in New Orleans while drunk. “I had one of the best nights of my life at Mardi Gras. I kissed over 23 different women, saw and felt countless breasts, and was in a wonderful drunken stupor thanks to my friend John Daniels,” reads the post.

Back to his prodigy, OAC, and her insane behavior: People may be waking up to this nightmare..

A new poll shows that more and more of the public have developed a negative view of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Democratic New York Representative is reportedly not happy about the bad news, frequently losing her temper and taking to Twitter rants to blow off her displeasure. After being in Congress just a few months, AOC has seen a massive spike in her unpopularity ratings.

ICYMI: Ocazio-Moronic recently tried to grill the CEO of Wells Fargo, Timothy Sloan during a House Financial Services Committee Hearing on Tuesday and ended up getting owned and embarrassed. This is the dumbest line of questioning Capitol Hill has ever seen! The video speaks for itself:

While she is accusing bankers and border patrol agents of crimes against humanity, OAC has massive problems of her own which are well-documented: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is having light shown on her and her cronies – they may be in the middle of some serious legal problems, according to a former FEC Commissioner, no less. For instance, AOC’s chief of staff ran $1M slush fund by diverting campaign cash to his own companies!

The Washington Examiner reports that Two political action committees founded by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s top aide funneled over $1 million in political donations into two of his own private companies, according to a complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission on Monday.

The cash transfers from the PACs — overseen by Saikat Chakrabarti, the freshman socialist Democrat’s chief of staff — run counter to her pledges to increase transparency and reduce the influence of “dark money” in politics.

But don’t you dare try and criticize anything – no matter how looney – she says:

According to a former FEC commission, the freshman congresswoman could potentially be facing some serious jail time because of her actions.

The Daily Caller reported that according to FEC records together, the New York Democrat’s campaign and Justice Democrats raised $4.6 million throughout the 2018 midterm cycle. For anyone who knowingly and willfully takes in $25,000 or more in “excessive campaign contributions” within one calendar year can face a maximum of five years in prison.

Of course the far-left is driving this all and has no problem with anything she says or does. Here is some clear evidence that nothing will stop the collectivist, anti-American wing of the Democrat Party:

Comparing the impact of alleged climate change to the tragedy of 9/11 caused an uproar and outrage from most Americans. But from people in OAC’s audience, it unbelievably got applause. This happened at that same town hall Friday while Ocasio-Cortez was pushing her Green New Deal and putting hecklers in their place.

Anyone who criticizes Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is ridiculed by the woman as well. Even though her outrageous plan would cost over $93 trillion spanning ten years and would enslave the entire nation under the rule of a tyrannical government, she somehow paints it as our only choice to survive in the next twelve years. Her own fellow Democrats wouldn’t even vote for it.

When will they get rid of this germ?

Ocasio-Cortez Vs Kylie Jenner: It’s ON!

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