Ocasio-Cortez Scandal Gets Very Serious: PAC Money Routed To Her Boyfriend

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Ocasio-Cortez has been found to be swimming up to her neck in the swamp and now it looks like her recent scandal about her boyfriend just got very serious.

Last week, journalist Luke Thompson, National Review contributor, discovered documentation that signified Ocasio-Cortez boyfriend Riley Roberts was a staff member in the House of Representatives.

Ocasio-Cortez denied the allegation, stating it was all that he could have access to her calendar, an argument that failed to pan out.

You can read the full account of the beginnings of this scandal here:

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In the midst of the interaction that day, popped a Twitter account by the name of Saikat Chakrabarti:

Who is Chakrabarti?

He is a wealthy campaign donor who had a PAC called Brand New Congress. At one point in time during her campaign, Ocasio-Cortez’ funds ran dry and it was in financial trouble. Chakrabarti helped bail her out.

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The PAC paid large sums to “marketing consultants,” one of which was boyfriend Roberts who has no consulting history at all. In fact, its eleventh and twelfth largest expenditures were paid to none other than Riley Roberts.

Now get this: (Thompson’s findings from RedState)

Indeed, while Brand New Congress PAC’s ten largest expenditures were paid to Brand New Congress LLC for “strategic consulting,” a sum that totaled $261,165.20 over the course of the campaign, its eleventh and twelfth largest expenditures were paid to Riley Roberts.

Brand New Congress PAC paid Roberts $3,000 on August 9th.

Eighteen days later, AOC’s campaign paid Brand New Congress LLC $6,191.32.

A month later Brand New Congress PAC then turned around and paid Riley Roberts another $3,000.

Chakrabarti was funneling money paid to him by AOC’s campaign back to Roberts and by extension to AOC.

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But there’s more!

Thompson noted that Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign was spending far more money than she was making in donations, and with a mountain of debt looming, Brand New Congress stepped in:

At the beginning of October, more than four months into her campaign, AOC’s fundraising had been anemic. Excluding an in-kind contribution from Chakrabarti, she’d raised only $3,032.75 but had already spent $27,591.27 — more than half of which she’d paid to Chakrabarti’s Brand New Congress LLC. By the end of 2017 she’d spent $37,249.94 but raised only $8,361.03. That’s a lot of money to stick on a credit card. Since no loans are recorded on her campaign books, presumably either AOC or Roberts was fronting the necessary cash.

It looks to me like Chakrabarti was effectively reimbursing AOC for a third of her expenses with Brand New Congress LLC, perhaps so that she would stay in the race despite her mounting debt.

But that’s not all! Guess who got a job in DC, besides Riley Roberts?

“When AOC won, she then hired Chakrabarti, her strategist/patron, as her Chief of Staff,” wrote Thompson. “Taking money from a rich guy, trying to hide it by passing it through a PAC, and then giving her benefactor a government job.”

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“That’s definitely unethical and potentially illegal. Chakrabarti may have made an illegal campaign contribution in excess of federal limits. Regardless, it raises questions about Chakrabarti’s hiring as AOC’s Chief of Staff after her election. Maybe add that to your next lightning round, Congresswoman,” continued Thompson.

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