Ocasio-Cortez Goes Ballistic When Poll Shows Her Unfavorable Ratings Have Skyrocketed

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A new Gallup poll spells bad news for Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Her “unfavorable” rating has skyrocketed now that she has become more well-known and people see what she is really made of. The poll came out Friday and showed that Ocasio-Cortez’s favorability has inched up seven points since last September from 24 percent to 31 percent. But Ocasio-Cortez’s unfavorable ratings have found a similar boost: 15 points since last September from 26 percent 41 percent.

“Half of U.S. adults were unfamiliar with or had no opinion of her in September after her seismic primary win over the summer, but that figure has shrunk to 29% today,” Gallup reported. “But the increased visibility has not improved her overall standing with Americans.” That’s because Americans have an aversion to eco-fascists and communists and they have decided that Ocasio-Cortez is just not our kind of politician.

Ocasio-Cortez’s “favorable” vs “unfavorable” rating was deadlocked in September at 24% and 26% respectively. Those same stats now stand at 31% and 41% respectively. That’s quite a jump in the wrong direction for the freshman congresswoman. Gallup also noted that Ocasio-Cortez’s favorable rating was “underwater” among the majority of groups and was only viewed as favorable among 56% of Democrats. She’s too radical even for leftist Democrats these days.

“The congresswoman is viewed negatively by most Republicans, of whom 73% have an unfavorable view of her — up from 52% in September,” Gallup added. “Ocasio-Cortez is also underwater in her net favorable ratings among men (-24), whites (-24) and adults aged 55 and older (-22).”

As you can imagine, Ocasio-Cortez went ballistic when she heard the news. That’s not unusual for her as she is very dramatic in her responses to those who don’t agree with her. She loves throwing the victim card out there or accusing others of conspiracy theories. She’ll also viciously attack the source if given the chance.

“If you want to know what subconscious bias looks like, it’s a headline saying ‘AOC is underwater with every group EXCEPT women, nonwhites, and 18-34 year olds,'” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “So older, conservative white men are considered ‘everyone’ and everyone else is discounted as an exception. Cool.”

“The reason people know more is bc Fox News has turned into ‘AOC TMZ’ (no offense to TMZ), so awareness is growing w/ GOPers. @JaneMayerNYer has reported deeply on this propaganda machine + it will be aimed at any Dem they want,” Ocasio-Cortez continued. “Nothing changes that. We can’t be scared by that.”

Ocasio-Cortez, 29, has a special hatred for and fear of Fox News. She refuses to appear on the network. That would include turning down invitations from: “The Story with Martha MacCallum,” “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” “Hannity,” “The Ingraham Angle,” “Life, Liberty & Levin,” “America’s Newsroom,” “FOX & Friends,” “Outnumbered Overtime with Harris Faulkner,” “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” “FOX News @ Night with Shannon Bream,” “Special Report with Bret Baier,” and “The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino.”

Things are not looking up for Ocasio-Cortez. Multiple FEC complaints have been filed against her or people on her staff alleging potential campaign finance violations. And she really showed how little she knows about a given subject when she attacked Wells Fargo’s CEO during a House Oversight Committee hearing. She made a fool of herself yet again.

If that wasn’t bad enough, she makes it abundantly clear that she actually hates America by calling her ‘garbage’ during a speaking engagement at a leftist event in Austin, Texas. She also said corporations should be taxed at 90% and that Americans should be “excited” about losing their jobs to robots. She’s her own worst enemy when she opens her mouth.

Even former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who is a raging radical leftist Democrat, slammed Ocasio-Cortez at the same event.

“Going back to the Green New Deal, in the Green New Deal there is a proposal that says that by 2030 every building in America is going to be transformed to clean energy,” Schultz said. “Now, that’s a well-intentioned idea but it’s never going to happen. Let’s propose things that are true, that are honest, that are sincere, and that are realistic.”

How about ‘sane’? The Democrats tried to make Ocasio-Cortez the fresh, new socialist millennial face of their party and it is backfiring big time. It’s fracturing their party even more as she tries to take them all the way to the left while the old guard tries to play with communism-lite. To know Ocasio-Cortez is to disdain her. No wonder her favorability has tanked… people are really getting a good look at her now and they don’t like what they see.

Sources: The Daily Wire, Fox News, TheBlaze

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