Ocasio-Cortez Demands A Pay Raise Claiming Congress Does Not Pay Enough To Live On

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Freshman Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez just tweeted that her salary of $174,000 per year is not enough to live on and she wants a pay raise! Yes, you hear that right and we have the tweet to prove it. As of 2019, the base salary for all rank-and-file members of the U.S. House and Senate was $174,000 per year, plus benefits.

Being as that does not include her Netflix deal, and that the net worth of an average member of Congress is more than ten times higher than that of an average American. And as well that the cushy pension program Congress has guarantees them over $100,000 per year for life….


The crazy child wants the taxpayers to give her more, because having to maintain two residences is breaking her bank!

Check it out:

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We should be lowering pay.

I really like our Texas system. Our legislators are all considered part time, and are expected to have another form of income. Some own businesses and some make a salary somewhere else.

But this really gets to the heart of Ocasi-Cortez and her socialism. It is OK for everyone to have less in order to make the world fair, as long as SHE does not have to do with less. She wants US to pay more in taxes, but like most socialists, she does not want to live by those rules herself.

Note that she has been screaming about Americans needing to pay upwards of most of their income paying taxes, yet is complaining she pays too much!

“We can’t take tax deductions for work costs”

She’s crying that she cannot lower her taxes???

When asked on 60 Minutes, Ocasio-Cortez didn’t seem to have a specific tax rate in mind, but then she said, “back in the ’60s…you see tax rates as high as 60 or 70 percent.”

Remember when she cried, “I have three months without a salary before I’m a member of Congress. So, how do I get an apartment?”

She said she and her partner were “squirreling away and then hoping that gets me to January.”

Yet we found out her ‘partner’ was paid plenty via her campaign funds, and had plenty of money.

“There are many little ways in which our electoral system isn’t even designed (nor prepared) for working-class people to lead. This is one of them (don’t worry btw – we’re working it out!),” she tweeted.

Yeah, working it out.

She has the entitlement mentality down to a T!

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The same could be said for her climate change screaming. The world will start destructing in 12 years, but she makes a larger carbon footprint than most.

“We’re like, ‘The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change,’ ” she said in January, speaking of herself and her fellow millennials. “And, like, this is the war; this is our World War II.”

Then it was revealed!

Since declaring her candidacy in May 2017, Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign heavily relied on those combustion-engine cars — even though a subway station was just 138 feet from her Elmhurst campaign office.

She listed 1,049 transactions for Uber, Lyft, Juno and other car services, federal filings show. The campaign had 505 Uber expenses alone.

In all, Ocasio-Cortez spent $29,365.70 on those emissions-spewing vehicles, along with car and van rentals — even though her Queens HQ was a one-minute walk to the 7 train.

Her campaign embraced the friendly skies, logging 66 airline transactions costing $25,174.54 during campaign season.

The Democratic firebrand or her staff took Amtrak far less — only 18 times — despite high-speed rail being the cornerstone of her save-the-world strategy.

The Ocasio-Cortez response?

She’s just “living in the world.”

“I also fly and use AC,” the Green New Deal-touting pol tweeted Saturday night. “Living in the world as it is isn’t an argument against working towards a better future.”

Hypocrisy at its finest!


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