Ocasio-Cortez Comes Unglued Over Ad Aired During Debate That Slammed Her As A Socialist — Calls It Racist

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Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) lost it on Thursday night after an ad aired that shredded her for being a socialist. AOC went on to accuse the ad’s creator of being a white supremacist which is rich considering she’s an Asian Republican named Elizabeth Heng. Heng ran for the U.S. Congress last year in California and her ad ran during the third Democratic presidential debate on ABC News. I’m shocked ABC News ran it but I applaud them for it. The left is really ticked over this.

“This is the face of socialism and ignorance,” the ad begins while showing Ocasio-Cortez’s face bursting into flames. “Does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez know the horror of socialism? My father was minutes from death in Cambodia before a forced marriage saved his life. That’s socialism — forced obedience, starvation.”

“Mine is a face of freedom. My skin is not white. I’m not outrageous, racist, nor a socialist,” Heng continued. “I’m a Republican.” Ouch… that’s going to leave a mark.

Heng created a group called New Faces GOP. They tweeted out the video with the following caption: “We have a choice: Will we let socialists like [AOC] be the face of our future? Or will a new generation of conservatives step up & lead us? We’re launching New Faces GOP to help identify & support the next generation of GOP leaders.”

I think the ad was very appropriate. It showed the horrors of socialism which encompass genocide, slavery, and starvation.

“Heng, in a brief telephone interview Thursday night, said she spearheaded the PAC to give back to her community and fight against what she described as the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party that’s promoting socialism,” The Fresno Bee reported. “Heng said that her run for Congress last year convinced her that if the Republican Party doesn’t broaden its base to include millennials, women, and people of color, socialism will ruin the country.”

AOC had a royal meltdown over the ad: “Republicans are running TV ads setting pictures of me on fire to convince people they aren’t racist. Life is weird!”

“Know that this wasn’t an ad for young conservatives of color — that was the pretense,” Ocasio-Cortez claimed without evidence. “What you just watched was a love letter to the GOP’s white supremacist case.”

“GOP’s message: No policy, no facts, just displays of violence + corporations like [ABC] & Sinclair who amplify them,” Ocasio-Cortez misleadingly claimed. “They profit from burning my likeness on TV. But who pays for heightened security? Who answers the phones for the threats resulting from a violent, false ad?”

From The Daily Wire:

“Heng responded to Ocasio-Cortez, tweeting: “Not Republicans. Me. Are you really calling me a racist [AOC]? I’m calling all Democrats out for supporting an evil ideology. Or are you just in Congress to hang out with celebrities and tweet out ridiculous ideas like the green new deal?”

“[AOC] response is the Democratic [P]arty in a nutshell,” Heng continued. “They are more offended by truthful words than the acts of their political ideology that has killed millions of innocent victims. I don’t care about [AOC’s] feelings — I care about stopping her lies about the lies of socialism.”

“Heng writes the following about New Faces GOP on the organization’s website:

New Faces GOP was formed because our country is at risk of being destroyed by extreme, socialist Democrats who want to upend the American way of life. If we are going to compete on the battlefield of ideas, we must find new faces from the Republican Party stand up to lead.

We need candidate from all races, ethnicities, gender, or geography. Our party has the ideas and solutions to fight back extremism and it’s our goal to equip new leaders with the tools to win.

The Democrats message is weak at best, and downright laughable at worst — but they have dynamic, young messengers who relate to the next generation of voters.

Republicans, by contrast, have a winning message, and provide serious solutions to our nation’s most pressing problems — yet we don’t have messengers to deliver our platform in a way that engages meaningful segments of the population.

It was once said that if Republicans were trying to sell sushi, they would call it “cold, dead fish.” In other words, it doesn’t matter that Republicans have the right ideas if we are not able to market ourselves effectively.

And that’s why New Faces GOP was formed. Our mission is simple: Help elevate the next generation of Republicans so that we can not only survive as a party but expand beyond the boundaries we’ve set for ourselves. Identify the new faces of the GOP who will lead us into tomorrow.

Heng is exactly right here. In 30 seconds she not only told the abject truth… she exposed the left for exactly what they are. The depiction of skeletons from the Cambodian genocide was a nice touch and very apropos. Elizabeth Heng, who launched an unsuccessful bid against incumbent Democrat Jim Costa in California’s 16th Congressional District in 2018, narrated the dangers of socialism as the harrowing images flashed on the screen.

There are none so committed to freedom as former communists or those who have survived the tyranny, depravity, and cruelty of their regimes. The GOP should provide real diversity versus what the Democrats are peddling. I love this ad and watching the left come unglued is a bonus. Good times.

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