Obama’s Homeland Security – Not Russia – Tried to Hack Election Database [VIDEO]

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Barack Obama and the Democrats – and their media hacks – are all in a tither because they say the Russians hacked the DNC and threw the election to Trump. I’m not sure who supervises their medication, but somebody needs to pay more attention to it.

We don’t know who hacked the DNC, and we’ll have more on that in a minute, but we do know that the State of Georgia’s voter registration database was hacked and the hack has been reportedly traced back to none other than Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security. Remember, Georgia was thought to be a “swing state” in the recent election.

Brian Kemp has reportedly sent a letter to DHS about the breach. There has been no significant response from DHS.

I found it interesting that the Obama administration’s representative insisted that there “has been no attempt to intrude upon…” the states’ control of their systems. And pigs can fly.

If the administration and particularly Democrats were really concerned about the voter database there are some things they could do.

  1. Eliminate the current voter database and have voters re-register. That would take all the dead voters off the list, along with retirees who can vote in two places.

  2. Require a photo ID to register and to vote. It must be a voter ID that verifies U.S. citizenship, meaning a California drivers license won’t apply.

  3. Switch from electronic voting machines that cast a vote for Hillary when the Trump button was pushed. Move to paper ballots that can be read with optical scanners. There’s a paper trail and the machines aren’t connected to a network that can be hacked.

Those could be done before the 2018 elections, but they won’t be, because it would deprive Democrats of a large segment of their base: dead people and illegal aliens. You know, the people who gave Hillary Clinton the lead in the popular vote.

With reference to the Democrats concerns that the Russians hacked the DNC and John Podesta’s email accounts and gave the information to WikiLeaks who then released it to help Donald Trump, I say “so what.”

Let’s remember a couple of things. First, there’s no question that the people in question at the DNC or the Clinton campaign actually wrote the emails in question. They did. The DNC absolutely rigged the primary for Hillary. The news media, through at least Donna Brazile, fed “debate” questions to Hillary. The media also coordinated attacks on Donald Trump with the campaign and the DNC.

All WikiLeaks did was provide the transparency that Barack Obama said was so important and the Democrats are in a dither. They’re in a dither because they got caught.

The second point to remember is that the Russians apparently hacked into the White House in 2011. You didn’t hear much about this because the media suppressed it in advance of the 2012 election. The White House finally admitted that the Russians cracked their systems, but apparently they didn’t bother to do anything about it.

One other interesting point is that John Podesta didn’t need to be hacked by anybody. He gave away his email password to a pfisher and after he found out he’d been had didn’t bother to change it. It doesn’t take a sophisticated hacker to work people like Podesta, a reasonably talented high school student could have done that.

Bottom line, all this press about “the Russians” is just more denial that Hillary got pounded by Americans (I’m not including California or four boroughs of NYC) on November 8 and they can’t deal with it.

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