This is Obama’s America, folks. Could you be next?

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Joseph Hornick, Jr. lives at the Jersey shore in a town called West Long Branch. There are two unusual things about this story, first of all Mr. Hornick is a Republican, in New Jersey. Second, and even more surprising, is that West Long Branch is a Republican town in New Jersey. Mr. Hornick also happens to be a Donald Trump supporter.

Hornick decided to show his support for Trump and put up two Donald Trump flags in front of his home.

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And that’s where the story begins. As you might guess, Donald Trump doesn’t have a whole lot of fans in New Jersey. Apparently he doesn’t have a whole lot of fans even in West Long Branch because Mr. Hornick’s flags keep getting stolen or vandalized.

In each of the five times vandals have attacked his flags Mr. Hornick called the police. The police did exactly what you would expect them to do. They showed up and took a report. Then they went back to the station and filed a report. I’m pretty sure they probably stopped on the way for a doughnut. Maybe even both ways.

You’ll be shocked to learn that the vandals haven’t been caught.

However, someone in West Long Branch is being hauled to the bar of justice for this outrage. What outrage you ask? Well, it’s certainly not vandalizing or stealing Mr. Hornick signs. No, it’s Joseph Hornick, Jr.. He’s being hauled before the bar of justice for flying his flags.

Turns out his neighbor, Brian Hegarty, who happens to be a former Democratic Councilman in West Long Branch, has filed numerous complaints about Mr. Hornick’s flags. He says they violated a city ordinance against political lawn signs more than 30 days before an election.

Mr. Hornick points out that what he has are “flags” not “signs.” The police wrote him a municipal citation anyway.

Mr. Hornick will be going to court on April 20 and he says even if the judge tells him to remove the flags he won’t. He noted, “I don’t care if I have to buy 1,000 Trump flags. I will keep putting them up. I don’t care if I have to hire a Marine to keep guard, I will keep putting them up. I have backup flags. If I have to buy a warehouse of Donald Trump flags, I will. Because I will not give up the battle.”

Somehow I have a feeling that Brian Hegarty and West Long Branch are about to find out they picked a fight with the wrong guy. Mr. Hornick and his attorney don’t look like they’re giving up any time soon.

I wonder how much this is going to end up costing West Long Branch in attorney*s fees before it’s all over?

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