“Obamaphone” Moochers Just Got MASSIVE Bad News….Trump Strikes Again! [Video]

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Remember back in 2012 when Michelle Dowery became the face of the “Obamaphone”? She asked everyone to vote for Obama because they would get a ‘free’ phone. Here she was:

But, now that President Donald J. Trump is in office…there’s a new sheriff in town. President Trump campaigned to stop “waste, fraud and abuse all over the place.”  He promised to cut so much waste that our heads would spin. Trump asked “every department head in government to provide a list of wasteful spending projects”, that they could eliminate in his first 100 days.

One of those programs is the “Obamaphone”.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

“A budget induces careful spending.” Wise advice, especially for government. Who said that? Benjamin Franklin?

Nope. It’s Ajit Pai, the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, and he currently has the wasteful, fraud-riddled Lifeline program (better known as the “Obamaphone program”) clearly in his sights.


Pai is taking steps on his own, and supporting measures in Congress, to cut out waste, fraud and abuse in a program that mushroomed during the Obama presidency, according to Breitbart.

Created by the Reagan administration in 1985, Lifeline provides subsidized landline phone service to low-income families. It was expanded under the George W. Bush administration to add wireless service and popularized by massive outreach campaigns during President Barack Obama’s administration.

Program advocates now want to see it expanded to provide internet service. Because everyone deserves free internet, right? Right?

Pai agrees with expansion of the program, but not at the expense of responsible spending. While still a commission member, prior to being named chairman by President Donald Trump in January, he disagreed with expansion because a spending cap was not in place.

The current annual budget is $2.25 billion. A bill now in Congress would cut that by almost half, setting the program spending cap at $1.5 billion, according to Axios.

Fraud has been reportedly rampant in the program, and expansion requires that it be stopped.

Back in 2013, Project Veritas gave us all some insight into some of that exact fraud of Obamaphones:

Yep…that’s right! Project Veritas reported blatant fraud and salespeople from a couple of specific companies telling Obamaphone recipients they could take those phones and do whatever they wanted with them, even though you and I, the taxpayers fund those phones. Total waste and fraud!

A 2016 report of a $51 million fraud investigation of the program was not released until April 1, 2016, conveniently one day after the Democrat-heavy FCC was scheduled to vote on the expansion. Pai was sharply critical of the timing of the report at the time, according to the Washington Free Beacon. Now, he is in a position to keep the agency on budget.

The primary fraudster was Total Call Mobile, which enrolled fake Lifeline users by the tens of thousands, pocketing $9.7 million in federal subsidies. In true Democrat fashion, the Obama-led FCC pursued only a fraction of the identified cases, according to Breitbart.

Oh…and that “Obamaphone” Lady…it seems even she had a change of heart in 2013 after she got a job, checked her own phone bill for surcharges and taxes, and realized just who REALLY paid for those subsidized Obamaphones. In 2016, like many other educated Americans, she vowed NOT to vote for Obama.


It’s 2017. Obama is no longer president and America is over $19 TRILLION in debt. It’s time to STOP the INSANITY of  out of control spending, waste, fraud and abuse even if it means the end of the Obamaphones.

By the way, here was the Pai back in 2016:

Let us know what YOU think about paying for subsidized cell phones and internet services with taxes on YOUR cell phone.  Leave us a comment.



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