Obama Lies About Veteran’s Administration: Even Liberals Call Him Out!

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Obama has failed veterans. The fact of the matter is, NO ONE is ever held accountable in Obama’s administration of ANY wrong doing. Look at Benghazi. Look at Hillary Clinton and her private server. Look at the VA. All failures, but no one will admit to their disasters.

Our veterans deserve more. Our veterans who have fought to defend our constitution and country deserve the best treatment there is. Yet, no one has been fired over the long-wait times at the VA, but Obama was on record for claiming the opposite. Doesn’t surprise me.


The Washington Post fact checker team gave President Obama “Four Pinocchios” for claiming that his administration fired “a whole bunch of people” who were in charge of facilities at the Department of Veterans Affairs since the VA scandal began in 2014, determining that the statement was completely false.

Obama is not the only one accused of misleading the public about the number of people held accountable for manipulating patient wait-time data at the VA. Department Secretary Robert McDonald has twice received Four Pinocchio ratings for making similar claims.

The widow of Army veteran Barry Coates asked Obama at a CNN town hall two weeks ago when his administration would start holding VA employees and contracted doctors accountable.

“We heard a lot of promises about reform and accountability, but still nothing’s changed … When are we going to actually start holding these contracted doctors and the VA employees accountable?” the widow asked.

Coates had been waiting for a colonoscopy for almost a year at a VA hospital before doctors discovered that he had Stage 4 cancer and was terminally ill. Coates’ family later sued the VA for misdiagnosing him with hemorrhoids. They reached a settlement for an undisclosed amount.

The VA scandal received national attention in 2014 when whistleblowers revealed that employees at the VA hospital in Phoenix, Arizona were manipulating wait-time data that delayed access to healthcare. After inspection, the VA’s inspector general confirmed the allegations and revealed that there have been issues for several years. Congress then got involved and passed bipartisan legislation, the Post reported.

My guess is, the VA can expect a lot more suits filed against them in the near future. The fact that only three people “in charge”NOT a “whole bunch” have been removed is not ONLY a LIE, but an insult to our veterans.  As long as Obama is in office, no one is going to be held accountable for anything.  And if you expect Hillary Clinton to be any different, think again. She’s still supporting additional refugees and additional funding for additional refugees. Funding that should go to helping our own veterans, instead of helping unvetted refugees.


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