Obama Has Been Blamed For Damaging Race Relations

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Days after Michelle voted for her husband because he was “the black guy,” a Kanye mentor tells the truth: Barack ruined race relations.

Over the last few days, appearances by Trump friend Pastor Darrell Scott and Candace Owens of Turning Point USA on Fox News has brought the idea that there will be a White House summit on race relations to be held this October. One of the themes of the summit is that it was Barack Obama who ruined race relations and it’s up to the Trump people to bring the conversation back on track.

Pastor Darrell Scott is the CEO of the National Diversity Coalition and last year said that the media are responsible for causing white supremacists to “gravitate” towards Trump by labeling him a ‘racist’:

“On Saturday, the president made a blanket statement condemning all violence — all of the participants in the violence — and racism and bigotry in every form… The media wasn’t satisfied. So on Monday, [Trump] came back and was more specific in his denunciation.”

Previously, Scott had participated in the National Day of Prayer held on May 4th of last year.

Last Night: Race Relations Summit with Trump, Kanye

After showing a clip from Pastor Darrell Scott, Candace Owens appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss the rise in support for Donald Trump after Kanye started tweeting support for his ideas.

During her discussion, Owens claimed that Republicans “gave up on blacks” and said that hosting a summit would be a “unique opportunity” to “empower the black community.”

At the end of the day, says Owens, it’s not about left or right to bring together black Americans from all over, but it’s that “we’re all Americans.”

Oddly, Kanye West only follows three people on Twitter: His wife Kim Kardashian, Emma Gonzalez of Parkland anti-fun infamy and Candace Owens. It’s a “vision of love” that Kanye has.

As well, Candace said this:

“It’s been so black and white, the conversation, and I blame Obama. His eight years in office did a lot of damage in terms of race relations in this country… [and] Hillary didn’t help much when she kept calling everybody racist and sexist.”

Earlier This Week: Race Baiting is Big Money

During her talk with Jim Varney, Candace says that with the black employment rate stablizing, the message isn’t getting out to black voters because the mainstream, left wing media doesn’t want blacks to be independent.

Right now, the black unemployment rate is at an historic low of 6.6%, and Owens points out that the Democrats sat down during the State of the Union address when Trump announced the good news of lowered black unemployment. But, the Democrats “stood up” when Obama announced there would be more money for food stamps.

Surely, asks Varney, the leadership of black America wants real progress. “No,” says Owens.

Owens goes on to describe “The Race Business” where someone like Maxine Waters can cry about racism but still buy a $6 million home — why change her strategy, if it’s so clearly good for her own pocket?

Varney then brings up Pastor Darrell Scott, who wants to host a White House summit on the “issue of race.”

In response to the criticism that Owens, along with Turning Point USA are using victim categories to hold summits, for example an upcoming summit for black youth, she says that it’s time for black conservatives to “feel” that they can be leaders, too. When pushed by Varney for the point of the summit, Owens said it’s empowerment.

Varney then goes on to say that Charlie Kirk, the leader of Turning Point USA, will be the President some day, and Owens said that she wanted to be his press secretary.

Michelle Says Country Too Divided to Vote For Her

Earlier this week Michelle Obama went on stage at a pricey summit in Los Angeles to trash talk white Republicans for being too racist to want such a “unifying” figure such as herself running for office. She went on to say that Barack was supposed to be the golden idol to fix racism in America, but it’s now worse. Gee, Michelle, I wonder why? Race was barely mentioned in the media before Obama threw his hat in the ring, and all of a sudden everyone who preferred a Republican slate — a slate where Palin was more popular than McCain — was a nasty racist.

Everything was re-framed to be a racial issue, and when the economy tanked it was racist to suggest otherwise, and when foreign affairs went berserk and ISIS found power it was racist to suggest that Barack was responsible for brushing them off with a basketball analogy.

Source: Fox News

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