Obama Criticizes President Trump For Doing What Is Right… You Don’t Make Deals With Terrorist

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After Barack Obama destroyed America in his own way, he’s now crying shame that Trump is pulling the States out of the disastrous Iran Deal. In a Facebook post, the retired President who refuses to go away is breaking a long held taboo by openly criticizing the current Administration.

I miss having George W. as the ex-President.

In a 1,200 word post uploaded to Facebook, Barack was clearly upset that Trump had reversed all the “work” put into Tehran. The blog post comes days after media reports indicated that former Secretary of State John Kerry had been sneaking around behind the current Administration’s back to meet with Iranian officials in order to play politician and save the deal.

The Iran Deal, or the JCPOA

In his post, Obama refers not to “The Iran Deal,” which it is commonly known but instead uses the longer official name of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA.

The deal was signed in July of 2015 and under the terms, Iran was to eliminate or severely reduce their uranium stockpiles and to reduce their ownership of the equipment used to develop nuclear weapons.

As part of the American addition to the plan, Obama agreed to hand over $1.7 billion dollars to the country immediately. In exchange, several American hostages were sent back after the cash arrived.

Last week Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed thousands of documents stolen from Iran showing that the country had mislead America and other nations as to the extent of their nuclear abilities. During a press conference, Netanyahu urged Trump to reconsider signing on to continue with the agreement, as its first leg expires on May 12th of this year.

Obama’s Post

Fully available on Facebook, Obama uses his trademark style of taking absolutely forever to get to the point, so I pulled out the relevant sentences and phrases here.

  • “today’s announcement is so misguided.”
  • “[The Iran Deal] is a multilateral arms control deal, unanimously endorsed by a United Nations Security Council Resolution.”
  • “the JCPOA has imposed strict limitations on Iran’s nuclear program and achieved real results.”
  • “International monitors also have access to Iran’s entire nuclear supply chain, so that we can catch them if they cheat.”
  • “Iran is complying with the JCPOA.”
  • “The prohibition on Iran ever obtaining a nuclear weapon is permanent.”
  • “Every aspect of Iranian behavior that is troubling is far more dangerous if their nuclear program is unconstrained.”
  • “Without the JCPOA, the United States could eventually be left with a losing choice between a nuclear-armed Iran or another war in the Middle East.”
  • “I hope that Americans continue to speak out in support of the kind of strong, principled, fact-based, and unifying leadership that can best secure our country and uphold our responsibilities around the globe.”

That’s nice, Barry, but Iran hasn’t been complying and they’ve been lying to you since before the deal was struck. And that’s nice that you’re an expert in wars in the Middle East. Do you tell your Nobel Peace Prize every night that you were the peacemaker who brought eternal sunshine to the world? Your administration is responsible for the rise of ISIS.

And you’re no longer the President. After eight years of stress, you should be embracing being out of the spotlight — but no, you wanted to be President because you wanted the attention and the accolades, you narcissist.

So far, Obama’s Facebook post has been liked over 300,000 times and commented on by 26,000 people.

He also added it to Twitter, where he still lists himself as “President” in his profile.

Previous Obama Tweets on Iran

While we’re looking at Obama’s boring social media — Trump is so much more engaging! — here’s some old tweets from Barry about the deal that Trump is refusing to sign.

(Yes, Barack quotes himself on his own Twitter account.)

He’s got dozens of tweets quoting himself on the Iran deal, but this one is the best:

Trump has a better deal. It’s called not giving billions of dollars to Iranians who lie about their nuclear capabilities.

[FLASHBACK 2015: What Will Israel Do If Iran Deal Is Signed?]

Trump Don’t Care

But, with Trump in charge, he’s not about to bow down to the advice of a guy who didn’t even vote for him.

Trump only responded to John Kerry’s meddling. While at the NRA convention this weekend, Trump said that Kerry only “walked away” from the Iran Deal except to go to a bicycle race where he broke his leg.

You can read more here about Kerry’s collusion with the Iranians.


Source: Fox News, Facebook

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