NYC Mayor De Blasio Lost Almost $2 Billion In Shady Health and Education Schemes

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The wife of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio can’t account for staggering amount of taxpayer money that he gave her for mental health project and the city officials are furious!

Chirlane McCray failed to keep track of the $850 million budget for her ThriveNYC program.

Not only is the money unaccounted for in a paper trail, after 4 years, ThriveNYC has yet to report results.

Meanwhile de Blasio announced this week that he is mothballing his failed Renewal school program after spending $773million.

The aim of the scheme was to improve 100 of New York’s worst schools, but after three years of trying, just 25 of them improved enough to make it off the list.

Comptroller Scott Stringer said Friday he plans to take a deep dive into the finances of ThriveNYC.

“I’ve had concerns about the lack of transparency in the Thrive program. This morning I sent a letter to Mayor de Blasio asking for a trove of information raising concerns about the program and whether, in fact, we are seeing results for the $850 million,” Stringer said at an unrelated press conference in his Manhattan office.

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Queens Councilman Robert Holden told the New York Post:

‘I like the fact that money is going toward mental health, but when they say we’re seeing a benefit in all areas, I take exception to that, because I don’t see it everywhere. I’m not sure anybody does.’

ThriveNYC’s budget director will be testifying before the City Council this week.

As well, the end of the de Blasio initiative, called Renewal, is also a blow to the NYC mayor, who had hoped that success would bolster his effort to build a national reputation for innovative policies.

Urban educators around the country had also looked to Renewal as a model for improving under-performing schools in historically troubled districts, rather than closing them.

Renewal failed. It wasted a lot of money because it ignored the reality that you can’t reform a system dominated by entrenched educratic interests whose agendas have nothing to do with education, and everything to do with corruption, identity politics and political power.

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School choice work. Throwing more money into a system that gobbles billions, doesn’t.

The victims, as usual, are the kids.

CUNY education Professor David Bloomfield accused de Blasio of using the Renewal plan as a ploy to “differentiate himself” from his predecessor, Mike Bloomberg, who had a policy of closing failing schools and then breaking them up into smaller “academies” with new administrations.

“This was done more for political reasons than for clear instructional benefit. There needed to be a scalpel here, not a hammer,” he said.

The left and their programs! They have this mentality that if you just throw many at something, you can fix it. The more money we throw at education and the poor, the worse things get.

California is another example. They have been throwing money at the poor for decades, only to have the worst homeless and poverty problems in the nation.

It is always a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Waste, fraud and abuse ALWAYS accompanies big money. No telling exactly where this NYC money went…

We may never know!


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