NY Times Gives President Trump Credit for Scaring North Korea Into Submission

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That’s gotta hurt the liberals. Donald J. Trump will go down in history for ending the last conflict of the Cold War.

In an article published earlier today entitled “Kim Prepared to Cede Nuclear Weapons if U.S. Pledges Not to Invade,” The New York Times was forced to admit that the South Koreans had engaged in a “confidence-building” gesture in order to meet the demands handed down by Trump.

The New York Times’ piece pointed to Trump officials “cautiously” speak about “the chances of reaching a deal” and the Times agreed to publish that the White House is working on a “rapid dismantling” of the nuclear program in the north over approximately a two year period. This would put the nuclear disarmament of North Korea around the same time as the 2020 election.

So, while Obama was able to trumpet his disaster Iran deal which ended with hundreds of millions of American dollars going to the Iranians, Trump will be able to point to something he never even promised.

The Korean War has been ongoing since 1950. While action stopped in 1953, the war was never formally ended. It has remained as a Cold War holdover, and now it’s looking like Donald Trump will be the first sitting US President to meet a leader of North Korea. But, before Trump will meet the Norks, he has required Kim Jong-Un to run a few errands first.

‘Confidence Building’ Summit

Earlier this weekend, South Korea’s Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha appeared on NBC, CNN and Fox News to discuss Trump’s influence on the Korean peninsula, saying that Trump deserves credit for the meeting between the two Korean leaders that took place a few days ago. The meeting, she said, was to work on developing “sufficient confidence” between the two leaders. While she was not willing to commit on a timeline for full peace, she said that the two leaders were meeting to fulfill the White House requirement to start playing nice with each other.

Much like he has threaten to cut funding off from the Palestinians who keep rioting on the Israeli border, Trump has threatened “fire and fury” if the Norks don’t go back to the negotiating table with the South Koreans.

Short Timeline of Korean History

In recent weeks we at Joe for America have compiled a fast and dirty timeline of Korean history starting in the 13th century and working up to the current decade.

North and South Korea were first divided in 1945 with the communist Soviets taking over the north and the Americans taking over the South. The South has become a beautiful, modern country thanks to the presence of Americans, and the North is rife with famine, disease, and human rights abuses that will only be fully known when North Korea, like the USSR before it, finally collapses.

What Hurts The NY Times The Most

Through the whole article, a few sentences and phrases have really jumped out at me as the ones that probably hurt the liberals approving the piece the most. Starting with this one, where the NY Times waits until about the 16th paragraph to get the meat of the issue, where the Koreas are working towards de-escalation.

“Mr. Kim and Mr. Moon signed a joint declaration recognizing “a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula” and “complete denuclearization” as a common goal of the two Koreas.”

And then, there’s the pronouncement from the White House:

“That would be accompanied by a “full, complete, total disclosure of everything related to their nuclear program with a full international verification,” said John R. Bolton, Mr. Trump’s new national security adviser.”

And there’s this quote from Rocket Man himself, quoted in the NY Times:

”If we meet often and build trust with the United States, and if an end to the war and nonaggression are promised, why would we live in difficulty with nuclear weapons?” Mr. Kim was quoted as saying by South Korean officials.”

Oh, that’s gotta hurt.

They also talk about the “peacemaking comments” of the two nations and they compared them in “stark contrast” to the way that Kim used to speak and act back when Barack Obama was the one in charge.

And finally, the Times is forced to admit that Donald Trump is the reason that even the two Koreas will be making sure that their clocks will soon be “reunified” as well. Donald J. Trump has tweeted so hard that Kim Jong-Un will be flipping his clocks forward 30 minutes to match the rest of the world.

Sources: New York Times

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