Now Illinois HAS gone to Pot!…FOR REAL! What’s NEXT on the Democrat Platform?

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The Illinois Primary was Tuesday. Not only did the majority of Republicans cast their ballot and vote again for the “worst governor ever” Bruce Rauner, but the majority of the voters also supported legalizing recreational pot. Now residents can say, Illinois has definitely gone to pot!

The question on the ballot, approved by voters with greater than a two-to-one margin, read:

“Shall the State of Illinois legalize the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, testing, and sale of marijuana and marijuana products for recreational use by adults 21 and older subject to state regulation, taxation and local ordinance?”

Evidently the voters in Illinois thought so!

Cook County primary voters overwhelmingly favor legalizing marijuana or pot in Illinois.

Voters in Cook County voted overwhelmingly Tuesday in favor of legalizing marijuana or pot for recreational purposes. A referendum that appeared as the final question on all ballots in the primary was advisory only, but with nearly all precincts reporting, about 70 percent of voters in the city of Chicago and suburban Cook County voted in favor of legalization.

….As if voting Republican for Bruce Rauner for Governor of Illinois wasn’t bad enough. Why couldn’t the voters in Illinois have voted for conservative Jeanne Ives for Governor?

Republican nominee Governor Bruce Rauner isn’t so sure what he’ll do if the legislature sends him a bill legalizing recreational marijuana or pot. At one time he said he was opposed to it. But he’s flip-flopped on other issues in the past, so we really won’t know until he makes a move.

As for the other billionaire, JB Pritzker, who won the primary for Governor of Illinois as the Democratic candidate, here’s what he had to say about legalizing marijuana or recreational pot:

“We can begin by immediately removing one area of racial injustice in our criminal justice system,” he said during a victory speech Tuesday night. “Let’s legalize, tax and regulate marijuana.”

Racial injustice? Since when is POT a racial injustice? Is Pritzker saying that those criminals in jail who smoked pot for recreational use were racially discriminated against? What does he think? ….Was Obama imprisoned for smoking pot lately or something?


Pritzker went on to say what most Democrats say about everything else – “Let’s legalize, tax and regulate marijuana.” Who’s smoking recreational pot now? Give me a frickin’ break! What are you high?

Like residents of Illinois aren’t already taxed enough!?! Come on man!

The issue of whether or not to legalize pot for recreational use was one of the most significant referendum questions on Cook County voters’ ballots.

County commissioners voted unanimously last December to put the question on the primary ballot. The state Senate earlier this month passed a measure to put the question on ballots for statewide voters in November, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Although the referendum is advisory only, the vote could help state lawmakers make their case in Springfield for the legalization of marijuana or pot use.

Supporters of legalizing and taxing marijuana for adults contend it could boost revenue for state and local governments, as it has elsewhere. Opponents of legalized marijuana use have raised questions about the social cost and subversion of federal laws.

I’m guessing Democrats must think this will replace the former soda pop tax that was a real EPIC failure in Illinois.

Recreational marijuana is currently legal in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Nevada, Oregon, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and California. All but Vermont passed the laws in binding ballot questions between 2012 and 2016.

Anyone been to the Rocky Mountain High lately? ….It’s just that! Full of a lot of people that are high on recreational pot! Traffic accidents from pot smokers….well, I’m sure you can guess what happens when you mix the legalization of smoking pot with driving. Not a pretty picture.

In Andersonville, Illinois, pot or marijuana is on the shelves of the medical marijuana dispensary Dispensary 33. And the owner is not remotely surprised by the landslide victory of the Cook County referendum to legalize recreational marijuana use in Illinois.

“There was nothing surprising about how that referendum ended up. There’s been polling over the last couple of years. Public sentiment has been strongly in favor of adult use cannabis in this state for years now,” owner Zachary Zises said.

Ask anybody who works with or for the legal marijuana industry and they said the same.

“I wasn’t surprised. This is an issue that has significant bipartisan support not just in Chicago, in the state, but around the country,” said Green Thumb Industries CEO Pete Kadens.

“We’re roughly a $100 million medical industry. And we’re a roughly $3 billion illicit black market. And so there’s a massive opportunity there for all of us to benefit from,” Kadens said.

“So it’s very consistent with what we’ve seen and where we think the state of Illinois is,” said State Senator Heather Steans. Stearns added,

“So what this really would accomplish is reducing the black market. Getting people to buy it in a regulated taxed business where you know you’re getting a safe product. And the revenue, instead of going to criminals, is going to the state of Illinois.”

What a bunch of crock! I like how Stearns says “instead of going to criminals, it’s going to the state”….In the eyes of conservatives in the state of Illinois….there IS no difference….they are one and the same with Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan at the top.

So like everything else, this vote on pot will add to the other real issues in Illinois already. Illinois has supported ‘sanctuary law’ when it comes to illegals. Illinois has supported taxpayer funded abortions. Illinois has supported increased taxes. Illinois has supported deficit spending. Sadly Illinois has had a Republican Governor, Bruce Rauner for the past 4 years. Most conservatives like myself are asking ‘What’s NEXT?’ You would think at least a Republican Governor in office would have supported the GOP platform, but evidently NOT in ILLINOIS!

Illinois has definitely gone to POT! Is it any wonder so many thousands of people are fleeing Illinois for more conservative states like Texas or Florida?


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