Nothing Funnier Than Socialist Bernie Sanders’ Tax Returns:

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So after pressure from the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders finally released his tax returns for 2014 on Friday. It seems Sanders and his wife claimed an income of over $205,000. Sander’s Senate salary is most of that along with Social Security.

What will shock you is how much they paid in taxes – 13.5%. That’s right! Senator Sanders, the candidate from the “give everything away” party including “free tuition” only paid 13.5%. The problem with socialists is that they like to give everybody else’s money away, not their own.


So the candidate that wants REAL tax reform so that the wealthiest and large corporations pay more when he’s president, only paid in 13.5%, but believes the wealthiest are not taxed enough.

Really, Bernie? Doesn’t the top tax group already pay over 33 1/3%? I guess you want to take HALF of everything they make or maybe more? I highly doubt THAT will be enough for all of the socialist programs you want to put in place or have promised to your voters.

The thing about avowed socialists is not only are they hypocrites for denouncing capitalism, but those people don’t really contribute much of anything to society to begin with.

They’re completely cool with taking cash from others because they are backwards enough to think some people can actually make “too much money.”

Speaking of stupid, here’s what people are saying (on Twitter) after learning that Bernie Sanders paid very little in taxes in 2014 after releasing his returns Friday…

Bernie’s effective federal tax rate: 13.4%

Bernie Sanders paid $27,653 in federal income taxes in 2014, a federal tax rate of 13.5%, according to tax return

Radical ‎@ra_dical

If Bernie Sanders really only paid 13.5% tax rate, he paid LESS than Mitt Romney who was at about 14-15%. LESS than f***en Mitt Romney.

Sanders claims $8,946 in Unreimbursed Employee meals and entertainment expenses

The real joke’s on us, especially if this man gets elected!




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