North Korea’s Subway – The Ultimate Bomb Shelter!

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Taking the ‘metro’ has a whole new meaning in North Korea versus Chicago or New York. The Pyongyang Metro is a system in North Korea that originally was thought to only consist of TWO lines – the Chollima and Hyoksin Lines. It was built by former president Kim II-Sung. Both lines intersect at the Chonu Station. It has a daily ridership of 300,000 to 700,000 passengers and is one of the cheapest in the world to ride – costs about a penny to ride or five won.

Pyongyang Metro is one of the deepest metros in the world, with the track over 360 ft. deep underground. Due to its depth, the metro doubles as a bomb shelter. It takes almost 4 minutes to get from the ground to the escalator.

But is the Pyongyang Metro a subway system for the public or something more? Maybe it was intended for underground transportation of troops and is a system of secret tunnels for the North Korean Army to use, since there are tunnels below the metro.  North Korean troops could move around and no one would see them or know where they’re going. Pretty sneaky, those communists!

(Pyongyang Metro. Kwangbok Station and a statue of Kim Il-Sung)

H/T Conservative Tribune:

North Korea’s Pyongyang Metro is the deepest metro system in the world at around 360 feet, which gives it the unique ability to double as a nuclear bunker, should the need for one ever arise.

Photos taken of the city’s subway system, which is completely underground, revealed an elaborate system that also included chandeliers, propaganda and large murals.

Australian travel blogger Elliott Davies arrived in the communist city for a government-sanctioned tour last fall that included the city’s subways. His photos captured a segment of the metro that not many have seen.

Davies wrote that it takes almost four minutes to reach the train platforms on fast-moving escalators. Hallways in the station are protected by thick steel doors, which are most noticeable at the Yonggwang and Kaeson stations.

It’s easy to see how this area could double as a nuclear bunker.

According to The Chosunilbo, a prominent defector from the country said that a second underground system is hidden below the public metro.

Hwang Jang-Yop, a former secretary of the North Korean Workers Party, told the publication that there are countless secret tunnels and underground facilities in Pyongyang.

Images taken of the metro also revealed a well-kept and clean subway with walls filled with large murals and mosaics, some honoring the late North Korean supreme leader Kim Il Sung.

The subway also had several statues honoring Kim Jong-Un.

The metro consists of two lines with 17 stations. Only recently have tourists been allowed to see more than two of those stations, some of which were widely thought not to exist.

So it looks like these metro stations serve as bomb shelters in times of war or need. Some even have large military installations connected and probably secret lines for their military and government. Like one station – Kwangmyong which is the mausoleum of Kim II-Sung, where the public is not allowed.

Sounds to me like the North Koreans, the Russians and ISIS have a thing or two in common. Like a major underground tunnel system for only select army or military use. Let’s hope the North Koreans don’t do anything stupid to provoke President Trump to use the MOAB on North Korea’s metro. Maybe the North Koreans should consult with ISIS to see how that went.

MSM and Liberals Caught in MASSIVE Lie! True Cost of MOAB Revealed!

For more pictures in a nutshell on North Korea’s Metro, click here.


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