North Korea Bows to Trump Again: Releases Americans Detained for Years

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Rocket Man has approved an extraordinary series of actions in response to Trump making fun of his stumpy body on Twitter while threatening to bury him under a pile of rubble.

The Littlest Dictator Kim Jong-un has released three American citizens who had survived for years in detention in North Korean prison camps while Obama leaned back at home and hung out with Beyonce and Jay-Z.

One of Trump’s most extraordinary actions taken near the start of his presidency was to work with Rex Tillerson to secure the freedom of Otto Warmbier, an American man who was held in North Korea and sent back in a coma. He died on American soil in June of last year.

While the status of the three remaining Americans is unknown, their freedom is part of the series of tasks that Kim Jong-un must undertake to prevent the USA from lodging missiles up his butt and taking his country by force.

Trump Will Meet Rocket Man Soon

The freshly minted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has sworn that this administration “will not repeat the mistakes of the past” as Trump works towards a meeting with Rocket Man.

This will be the first time a sitting American president will ever meet with a leader of North Korea. In the late 1970s, Jimmy Carter had some brushes with a North Korean official while he was in South Korea to threaten the local government, but Trump will truly make history.

With the Norks sending back three Americans, Trump is demonstrating his ability to get the job done.


Otto Warmbier Lives On

The legacy of the Obama era is being slowly destroyed.

In the last few weeks, the Iran nuclear deal has been found to have been fueled by Fake News as the Israelis uncovered secret documents showing the Iranians supporting an ongoing nuclear program.

Chemical weapons that Obama declared were removed from Syria have been used in recent attacks.

Even Millennials have given up on the Democrats, realizing that electing a black guy might be cool but home ownership, low taxes and jobs make for an even happier country.

These are all big, sweeping factors. When we finally get a human face on a story, it feels different.

Otto Warmbier’s parents urged the Obama Administration to help their son who had been held back after an ill-advised trip to the communist nation. By the time they were able to get their son back, after Donald Trump personally requested this as a favor in order to establish communication and trust, Otto wasn’t there any more.

Otto’s father spoke to the media after his son died, wearing the same suit jacket his son had worn in his kangaroo court apology, the same suit jacket he was sent home in. In his address, he praised Trump and Tillerson for all their work, calling the two “gracious” and “nice.”

“I’m proud of Otto, and the courage he showed by going to North Korea. The fact that he was taken and treated this way is horrible. They’re brutal and they’re terroristic. We see the results of their actions with Otto.”

The repatriation of Otto Warmbier will be recalled as the first diplomatic gesture that will eventually open up that brutal nation to rejoin civilization.

Commies in America Forced to Praise Trump for Anti-Commie Actions

This week, both the fake news peddlers at CNN and the Mexican-owned losers at the New York Times have been forced to admit that Trump deserves credit for the invocation of peace between the two Korean nations.

“In an article …entitled “Kim Prepared to Cede Nuclear Weapons if U.S. Pledges Not to Invade,” The New York Times was forced to admit that the South Koreans had engaged in a “confidence-building” gesture in order to meet the demands handed down by Trump.”

The forced praise of Trump was due to the South Korean foreign minister and the South Korean Prime Minister independently saying that Trump indeed deserves the credit and even a Nobel Peace Prize for his support and actions.

“Later in the interview, [South Korean foreign minister] Kang suggested that it would be a “solid outcome” to get Kim Jong-Un to sign a written agreement to denuclearize… [and] once confidence is restored, she said, “then [we’ll all be] ready to sign a peace treaty.”

Trump has been busy reaching out to his counterpart in Japan to keep Prime Minister Shinzō Abe up on the situation. North Korea has been lobbing missiles in the direction of the Japanese nation for years.

Sources: Washington Times

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