No Joke: Will Ferrell’s SUV Flips on Freeway After ‘Ron Burgundy’ Appearance

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The Hillary-supporting, Obama-visiting Democrat was injured after appearing at an event looking to sign up as many left wingers to vote for the Democrats during the November midterms.

Will Ferrell is now recovering from minor injuries after the SUV he was traveling in flipped in a crash late Thursday after he headlined at a ‘Glam Up The Midterms’ event in San Diego. Ferrell had appeared at the event dressed as Ron Burgundy from the 2004 movie Anchorman about a clueless 1970s news anchor in the city.

Ferrell was on the road to promote ‘Glam up the Midterms,’ which aims to encourage (Democrats) to sign up for vote in the midterms next year (for the Democrats).

While on stage at the Oceanside High School Performing Arts Center’s 500-seat auditorium , Ferrell quoted from his movie and chatted about local representatives. The event was intended to be non-partisan, but the audience appeared to prefer the left-leaning jokes.

Crash Details

Three other people were travelling with Ferrell in a 2017 Lincoln in the carpool lane. Another vehicle, a 2007 Toyota Highlander, driven by a 22 year old was also heading north. The Highlander veered left and struck the Lincoln in the back at just before 11pm on Thursday night. This forced the Lincoln to connect with the center divider, and the vehicle flipped.

All four people in the Lincoln were transported to hospitals, and one woman suffered major injuries. Her name, relation to Ferrell and condition update are not known at this time. Neither drugs nor alcohol played a role in the crash.

Will Ferrell

Born in California in 1967, Will Ferrell is a comedian who has starred in hit movies including Talladega Nights, Anchorman, and Elf and working on Saturday Night Lives for years starting in 1995.

Ferrell graduated with a BA in sports information before moving on to comedy. And, like so many others in Hollywood, Ferrell was one of the many celebrities to grace the Oval Office while Barack Obama was in charge.

Barack Obama with comedian Will Ferrell and his wife Viveca Paulin


Will Ferrell, Democrat

During the lead-up to the election of Donald Trump, Will Ferrell planted himself firmly on the side of the Democrats. Ferrell and his wife both maxed out their donations to Obama’s re-election campaign and to the Democratic National Committee. Ferrell also cut checks for Joe Biden and Howard Dean.

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Before endorsing Hillary Clinton (why on earth do celebrities endorse politicians?!), Ferrell was listed as a Bernie Bro, and was listed alongside other “Artists for Bernie” like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Susan Sarandon.

Ferrell went on to co-hosting fundraisers in Los Angeles. It’s not clear whether or not Ferrell was inviting sexual abuser Harvey Weinstein to these events. 

‘Glam Up The Midterms’ Event

According to their official website, “only 12% of young people during the last midterm election,” which they say is “super embarrassing, America.” What’s embarrassing is that men in their late 40s are trying to talk like how they imagine kids must chat. Other than that, the site doesn’t offer much information or even list any facts about whether they are a registered non-profit, only a short video telling you to sign up and then a place to input your email address.

It’s hard to trust a website like that. It’s not as if these Hollywood fellows can’t afford the paperwork to become a non-profit, or even add in an “about” page formally vowing to be non-partisan.

Their Twitter account isn’t much help, either, but here’s what they posted right after the event: Will Ferrell, and some guy I’ve never heard of who is possibly also a comedian.

Why John Madden Hates Will Ferrell

In 2015, the comedian earned criticism from football legend John Madden over Major League Baseball. You see, Ferrell suited up to play with ten different MLB games, playing every different position in the games in order to film himself for media. As well, Ferrell says that he used the opportunity to raise almost $1 million for cancer research. But, Madden saw this as opportunistic for Ferrell, and disrespectful to the players. “That’s a lack of respect for the game and [a lack of] respect for what players have to do to get where they are,” said Madden.

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