Nikki Haley Sets The Record Straight On White House’s Stance On Syrian Chemical Attack

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United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley strongly denounced the chemical attacks on civilians in Syria perpetrated by the Assad regime. She strongly publically supported the President’s decision to send over fifty tomahawk missiles into the same Syrian military base that released the chemical weapons. Now she is speaking out against the attack once again and you are going to want to hear what she has to say.

Nikki Haley

Haley appeared on NBC’s Meet th Press to discuss the attack and her work since. She referenced the fifty nine tomahawk missiles sent out last Thursday from American destroyers in th Mediterranean Sea. The military base is controlled by Bashar Al-Assad. She said the following,

The entire administration was in agreement that this was something that had to be done. This was something that needed to tell Assad, ‘Enough is enough.’ And this is something to let Russia know, ‘You know what? We’re not going to have you cover for this regime anymore. And we’re not going to allow things like this to happen to innocent people.’ And you’re not going to see the president come out and tell you what his plan is.”

The videos and photographs of the sarin gas attack circulated internationally were horrific. They showed small children gasping for breath and dying before the eyes of the camera. At least eighty six are confirmed dead. Chuck Todd who was interviewing Haley asked if the administration will release proof the Assad regime spearheaded the chemical attack. But Haley maintained the President would not release his strategic plans to combat Syria and the Assad regime.

Haley also denounced the relationship between Syrian and Russian government saying,

What we are going to say is, ‘Look, when you have a violation of the chemical weapons issue, and you’ve got a violation of Security Council resolutions over and over again, and you vetoed, seven times, to protect this war criminal, we’re going to call you out on it.’ We’re going to call you out for the fact that you’re covering up.”

The President, as she says, will act accordingly, should Russia continue to covertly endorse such treasonous and disgusting behavior. Considering the President launched an attack already God only knows what he is capable of if Assad continues to victimize his own people. For Assad’s own sake he better not have to find out. If the United States went to war with Syria it would not be good for them considering the strategic alliances the United States has in the Middle East. They would be decimated. They would not survive.

Assad is a despotic dictator and for Russia to publically make excuses for them shows they have no sense scruples and are on the same level as they are. They are equally as dangerous if not more because they have nuclear weapons. Russia and Syria are no friend to the United States. Since the United States is a friend to justice, democracy, and freedom it makes it pretty obvious that Russia and Syria do not share that.

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