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I was born and raised in the south, Georgia to be exact. I eat grits, bacon, runny eggs and I will never turn down a meal with pig in it in any form. Being from here means that I love football, can’t help it, it’s just in our genes. It’s part of our way of life.

When I watch a sporting event of any kind, the last thing I want to be thinking about is politics. Sports are our escape from all that. That’s the time I think back to when I was a kid, dreaming of one day making it to the NFL or the Major Leagues. I feel sorry for those kids who’ve never had the opportunity to play and have those experiences.

I wrote sometime back that I would never watch the NFL again, and that’s a fact. The organization has become full of nothing but thugs and criminals. People who were given a gift from God that allowed them to make millions of dollars to play a game for a living. People who should be showing themselves as role models for the youth of the nation, I see it as their responsibility as well as their duty. Are they doing this? No, they’re suing for yet more money because the league didn’t tell them they might get hurt. What an embarrassment. To add insult to injury, you have that idiot Bob Costas…..just the sound of his voice gets on my nerves.

Have you ever heard of a guy named Rocky Blier that played for the Steelers in the 70s? If not, you should look up his story, he was a true inspiration to me when I was a kid. That was a role model, players like him seem to be gone forever.

Every day there’s something new on the news about the NFL and I’m just plain tired of it. The players have become nothing but punks and thugs. Every issue is now political. Now there are groups that want Congress to get involved. They must be kidding or something. Don’t you think there are many much more critical issues we need the government to be taking care of right now?

Now I’m hearing that they’re wanting the acts for the halftime show at the Superbowl to PAY for the privilege of performing there. This is ludicrous.

Let me add that being part Native American as well as being married to a Princess of the Creek Nation, the name Redskins really doesn’t bother us at all, not any more than the Vikings, or the Fighting Irish. I mean what’s next? Are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers going to have to change their name because it may offend Somali immigrants who come from a society who’s main source of income is piracy? In Atlanta, we used to have a baseball team called the Crackers. It didn’t bother us, we thought it was kind of cool actually.

I’m a constitutionalist so I don’t really believe in boycotts, but if you don’t like what’s going on with the NFL the most effective way to express it is, DONT WATCH. Hit them in the ratings. Stop buying their products, I assure you, they WILL get the message. I’m down to watching college football only now, but if they go through with paying or unionizing those kids, I’m done with that too.

You’ll just have to make your own choice, but for sure, there’s no need for government involvement, we have way too much of that already! Just stop watching and supporting them. Those millions of dollars they make come from you, they seem to have forgotten that little detail.

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