NEWS ALERT: Las Vegas Tourists Flee in Terror as World-Famous Bellagio Hotel is Put on Lockdown After Gang of Armed Robbers!

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Las Vegas tourists flee in terror as the world-famous Bellagio hotel is put on lockdown after gang of armed robbers – including one in a PIG MASK – open fire in Rolex store raid. 

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino was on temporary lockdown early Saturday morning after shots were fired during a burglary at a high-end retail store inside.

 At least three people entered the store and one fired shots. One suspect has been taken into custody.

H/T Daily Mail:

A gunman opened fire during an armed robbery at Las Vegas’ iconic Bellagio hotel, prompting terrified tourists to seek shelter amid a chaotic scene.

At least three people entered a high-end store inside the resort early Saturday morning, including one who fired gunshots, police said.

Witnesses and photos suggest the armed burglary took place at the Bellagio’s Rolex store, and show a person in a pig mask with a gun in hand.

One suspect has been taken into custody.

Guests and tourists had to flee the hotel and head out to the strip amid report of the armed robbery.

Panicked people have tweeted their shock, with one woman saying she had to hide under a table.

No one was injured, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department later confirmed. Parts of the casino property remain closed as authorities investigate.

Officers received a call about the incident at the Bellagio at 12:50 am, and has apprehended one suspect by 2:15 am, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

One woman who was at the hotel when the robbery unfolded described the atmosphere as one of ‘mass panic’.

‘Everyone running. I’m currently ducked on the floor under a table,’ she wrote.

The store was closed when the armed robbers got in and all shots were fired inside, police said.

Some witnesses said the burglars used sledgehammers to break into the store, although police have not confirmed it so far.

An eyewitness, who was at the Bellagio at the time, told The Sun Online: “I saw a person in a pig mask holding what looked like a gun outside the Rolex in the Bellagio. He was yelling.”

Authorities said initial reports indicated there was an active shooter but that proved to be false.


Detectives said earlier reports of shooting during the burglary were unfounded, and they now believe the sound of sledgehammers striking the jewelry cases were mistaken for gunfire

LasVegas Police Department response on Twitter:

Currently investigating burglary at @bellagio. Initial reports indicated there was an “active shooter” which was false. NO injuries.




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