News Alert: China Issues New Orders at NK Border, They Know We’re Coming!

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North Korea and the United States continue to match moves in the Korean pennisula as tensions rise. It’s as if Kim Jong-Un is playing a game of chess with President Trump, as Kim Jong-Un fired off a land based KN-17 ballistic missile test on Saturday, the U.S.S. Carl Vinson positioned itself in the Korean Peninsula. The US Air Force Global Strike Command moved forward with plans to test the Minuteman III on Wednesday. These moves between North Korea and the United States are causing a little anxiety with other countries, including China.

As tensions rise between North Korea and the United States, China is making preparations for a mass exodus of North Koreans. Some of those preparations include the hiring of Korean-Chinese interpreters. China, of course, denied the preparation and hiring of interpreters as anything but ‘normal. Yeah, right!

Let’s see… the U.S. has an ‘armada’ of ships in the area including a nuclear sub and the U.S.S. Carl Vinson Strike Group. Add to that a few Minuteman III missile tests of our own, a couple B1 bombers flying over Korea and you’ve got yourself some real moves. Even President Trump warned us there could be a ‘major, major conflict’ with North Korea. Talk about a chess game. But is it enough to warrant a nuclear war or WW III?

H/T Conservative Tribune:

As tensions continue to mount on the Korean peninsula and in the surrounding east-Asian region, China appeared to make further preparations for what increasingly looked like an impending humanitarian crisis.

According to The Korea Times, a Chinese government document was recently spotted in the border town of Dandong ordering the “urgent” recruitment of individuals fluent in both Chinese and Korean.

Though the document didn’t specify the number of Chinese-Korean interpreters to be recruited, it did mention 10 separate departments for which the interpreters could conceivably work, including departments dealing with border security, public safety, customs, trade and medical quarantine.

Radio Free Asia reported on the document as well, and while it noted that a Chinese foreign affairs spokesperson dismissed the urgent request for interpreters as “normal working requirements,” they couldn’t help but point out that the order came at a time of drastically increased tension and fear that military action against North Korea could result in a flood of refugees surging across the border into China.

“Security and stability are very fragile at the moment, and the danger is great of a new conflict breaking out at any time,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a recent news conference. “We can’t risk even a 1 percent possibility of war.”

Such a conflict would have “unimaginable consequences,” he said. “Therefore, we call on all sides to be prudent and refrain from any actions or words that could lead to new provocations.”

A journalist for The Toronto Globe and Mail who has been at the Chinese-North Korean border for a time also noted the document in an in-depth report on the tension that has settled over the entire region.

“People living here have a deep sense of fatigue,” explained Jin Qiangyi, director of the Centre for North and South Korea Studies at Yanbian University in China’s northeastern city of Yanji.

The people “are growing tired of it all,” the professor explained. “The current state of things is more tense than it has ever been in the past.”

The reporter also noted other cities and towns placing themselves on “high alert” status and an abundance of military vehicles and troops staged throughout the area.

He further noted that a failed nuclear test or similar catastrophe would likely send a cloud of radioactive contamination across the border into China, and that any sort of military strike or subsequent political unrest could prompt waves of refugees in the hundreds of thousands to try and flee the communist prison regime.

While the urgent request for Chinese-Korean interpreters could very well be nothing more than normal procedure as Chinese officials claimed, odds are great that they are actually in preparation for a military strike that may be forthcoming in the near future, particularly if rogue dictator Kim Jong-Un insists on testing a nuclear device in spite of United Nations resolutions prohibiting him from doing so and a near-unanimous international alliance warning him explicitly not to.

Recently National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster said: “We have to do something with our partners in the region and globally and that involves enforcement of the UN sanctions that are in place.”

McMaster added,

“It may mean ratcheting up those sanctions even further and it also means being prepared for military operations if necessary.”

Let’s hope a peaceful ultimatum is reached soon, as both NK and the US continued to stage full-scale military drills.

The U.S. even recently positioned the THAAD in South Korea. So you have Kim Jong-Un testing the US by firing off ballistic missiles, the US threatening with a mighty THAAD deployment located just south of Seoul, and testing U.S. Minuteman III missiles. It’s like ‘show and tell’, except many pray this really doesn’t go much beyond that.

In addition, China has allegedly deployed troops near it’s border near North Korea. The U.S. has 5,000 troops gathered near the border taking part in firing exercises and Kim Jong-Un is off conducting his own firing drills. It’s as if, someone is waiting for the other one to make a move. Does Kim Jong-Un really want to make the first move?

On April 26 Airmen from F.E. Warren, Offutt and Vandenberg Air Force bases conducted an operational test launch of an unarmed Minuteman III missile.  Here’s the footage:

As H.R. McMaster said on Sunday, “North Korea poses a grave threat to the United States, our great allies in the region, South Korea and Japan…but also to China and others. So it’s important…for all of us to confront this regime.”

McMaster added, “This regime is pursuing the weaponization of a missile with a nuclear weapon. And so this is something that we know we cannot tolerate.”…



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