New Zealand’s Famous Firearm Confiscation Turned Into A Massive Failure As Citizens Refuse To Comply!

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In the wake of the Christchurch massacre in March of this year, the government of New Zealand quickly and nearly unanimously passed a law in April to ban military-style rifles and similar weapons. What has transpired over the last half a year since, most likely will not surprise you. The citizens of New Zealand have basically rebelled en masse, refusing to comply.

In fact, the massive failure is so great, that Police Minister Stuart Nash issued a reminder last month that time was running out for citizens to take part in the firearms amnesty and buyback.

“Don’t wait,” Mr Nash says. “Police are very clear that the deadline is looming.”

With less than two months to go before the government-imposed deadline, less than 20% of the estimated number of banned firearms have been handed over. The process ends on December 20th.

According to the NZ Beehive:

New Zealand Police Minister Stuart Nash announced this week that more than 32,000 prohibited weapons have been returned to the government since collections began in mid-July. Some estimates put the number of newly-banned military-style semi-automatic rifles in the country at up to 175,000.

This would suggest a compliance rate, so far, as low as 18 percent, 16 weeks into the buyback program. With seven weeks left to go until the amnesty period ends, if the current rate of return holds, the New Zealand government is on track to collect around 50,000 prohibited weapons pursuant to the buyback. That would impute a final compliance rate of around 29 percent, at the lower end, which would represent a modest but tangible success for policymakers.

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The attitude of the government seemed to be to dig into the trenches and force the citizens of New Zealand to comply, but that is unlikely due to the logistical problem of making it happen. Like the United States, New Zealand does not have a registry, so how many, and where, is an answer that will remain unknown.

Growing opposition from New Zealand’s pro-firearm groups has also  complicated efforts to round up the now-banned firearms under the buyback program. Lawsuits have also been threatened.

Authorities are “operating a little bit in the dark,” said Joe Green, firearm-safety specialist and former arms control manager for the New Zealand Police. “It’s really an open checkbook, because they don’t know how many they are buying back.”

But the rhetoric has not slowed down one bit.

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“Owning a firearm is a privilege not a right,” New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said in September as the country’s parliament considered more new gun control laws.

“Lawful firearms owners did nothing wrong but the law changed and they found themselves with prohibited weapons. This was never aimed at them but was designed to stop another terror attack like that on 15 March.” stated New Zealand Police Minister Stuart Nash.

“The firearms buyback ends on 20 December. We will not extend it. Do it now!” Nash continued.

It really looks like Ardern’s ban and confiscation is going to create more armed criminals than disarm them, since she’s turning law-abiding owners into felons for simply maintaining possession of their legally acquired firearms.

In a nutshell, it seems to be a massive failure, as it would be here.

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