New York Times Smears Justice Brett Kavanaugh With Vile New Sexual Misconduct Allegation On Twitter

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Here we go again. The New York Times smeared Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh with what they consider to be a fresh allegation of sexual misconduct. The story retells “Deborah Ramirez’s Yale experience.” You’ll remember that the original Ramirez story was previously shopped to the FBI and discounted because it was not credible. In other words, it’s false but the NYT went with it to attempt to smear, discount, and silence Kavanaugh.

A former classmate, Max Stier, told a pair of Times’ journalists writing a book about Kavanaugh’s accusers, that he recalled the now-Supreme Court Justice pulling his pants down and exposing himself at a college party. Another classmate, Stier says, grabbed Kavanaugh’s penis and shoved into the hand of an unsuspecting female victim. I feel a lawsuit coming on.

From The Daily Wire:

“The Times’ journalists claim that FBI knew about the incident during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings but failed to investigate it, even though Stier — and the Times pair — claim there were several witnesses to the incident.

“According to the article, the incident supposedly lends credibility to another allegation of sexual assault made against Brett Kavanaugh — that of Deborah Ramirez, who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh while the pair were at Yale when Kavanaugh allegedly cornered and molested Ramirez at a college party.

“The two New York Times reporters who published Saturday night’s expose decided to probe further into Ramirez’s story, since, as an uncorroborated account, it was dismissed out of hand by experienced investigators. The FBI and Senate researchers spoke to Ramirez but found little to go on, and only a single potential witness who denied knowing anything about the incident.

“The story caused an uproar at the time, and had Senate bigwigs, like Orrin Hatch (R-UT) running to Kavanaugh’s defense. Ramirez’s story ultimately fell apart under scrutiny from the same New York Times that Saturday night, used it as an excuse to lob yet a new allegation at Kavanaugh.

“There’s a problem with Saturday night’s story, too.

“According to author Carrie Severino, who wrote a book about the Kavanaugh hearings, the two reporters behind this new Kavanaugh allegation may have left out some key details about Max Stier, including that the “new” allegations aren’t actually new.

“Severino wrote on Twitter Sunday morning that unknown activists shopped Stier’s story to Senate Democrats during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, but investigators with the Senate Judiciary Committee and the FBI found no reason to believe the story was credible.

“Moreover, Stier’s named victim, a woman by the name of Tracy Harmon, didn’t remember being forced to fondle Brett Kavanaugh.

“According to the book, Harmon’s friends say she “doesn’t recall” the incident.

“Severino later points out, also on Twitter, that Stier has a history of working with high-level Democrats, and served as a member of Bill Clinton’s defense team during the Monica Lewinsky investigation, though it is important to note that neither the authors nor Severino could establish an ulterior motive (though it’s not clear the authors tried).

“Democrats and left-leaning activists are already calling for Kavanaugh to resign from the Supreme Court over the new allegations. Kavanaugh has yet to respond to either the New York Times or calls for him to step down.”

The New York Times’ tweet originally stated: “Having a penis thrust in your face at a drunken dorm party may seem like harmless fun. But when Brett Kavanaugh did it to her, Deborah Ramirez says, it confirmed that she didn’t belong at Yale in the first place.” They have since deleted the tweet, not because of its libelous content but because it was awkwardly phrased.

President Trump was furious over the story and tweet. “Now the Radical Left Democrats and their Partner, the LameStream Media, are after Brett Kavanaugh again, talking loudly of their favorite word, impeachment. He is an innocent man who has been treated HORRIBLY. Such lies about him. They want to scare him into turning Liberal!” Trump went on to tweet: “Brett Kavanaugh should start suing people for libel, or the Justice Department should come to his rescue. The lies being told about him are unbelievable. False Accusations without recrimination. When does it stop? They are trying to influence his opinions. Can’t let that happen!”

Carrie Severino put it this way: “This is the blockbuster “new allegation” against Kavanaugh. Except it’s not actually new. It was shopped to Senate Democrats at the time and they apparently found it impossible to nail down, so they ignored it – the same Senators who found the “rape boat” allegations plausible.”

The two NYT’s reporters are Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly. Pogrebin and Kelly are the authors of a forthcoming book about the justice called “The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation.” I hope they are sued into oblivion over this – it’s simply shameful.

Sources: The Daily Wire, Breitbart, TheBlaze, The Daily Mail, The Daily Caller, The Washington Examiner

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