New York Exec. Sues Her Company For $40 MILLION, For ‘Sexual Discrimination’

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A once top marketing exec in New York had been fired from her position for ‘acting like a man.’ The arbitrator who saw the case had awarded her a whopping $40 million over a sexual discrimination suit she had brought against her former company.

Alexis Berger is that executive, and she had been part of Kargo Global, and had helped it push itself into international business that brought in somewhere along the lines of $100 million a year. Berger was earning over one million from her salary but also had $9 million staked into the company.

The firm had claimed that Berger had to be disciplined for being rude to her employees and they had to fire her for violating a non-compete clause.

New York city arbitrator Jude Billie Colombaro saw it a different way, citing sexual discrimination as being a ‘motivating factor’ for the firm getting rid of her.

Colombaro, speaking on the treatment of Berger:

‘(It was) a collaborative orchestration carried out in a malicious, insidious, and humiliating manner, having the effect of depriving her of her earned commissions, her retention bonus, her stock options, her position, her livelihood, and her dignity.’

Berger formed a relationship both professionally and personally with Kargo CEO Harry Kargman, and that did not sit well with the other executives – including Ryan McConville and Douglas Rohrer. When the topic of Berger’s ‘high’ salary was talked about, McConville was quoted as calling it ‘insane,’ while Rohrer who unashamedly labeled it ‘bulls***’.

Kargo even went as far to deny Berger her commission and unconditional stock options after she was fired due to the excuse that there was ’cause’ for her firing.

From Daily Mail:

According to Law Newz, the decision said that no sooner than when Berger received a bonus for her work, the new Vice President of HR warned that her management style needed to change due to nonspecific ‘complaints’. She was then placed on a ‘Performance Improvement Plan’ with ‘unprofessional behavior’ given as the cited reason, even though there were no examples given to Berger.

During the seven-day arbitration hearing, evidence alleged that the former exec ‘used profane, inappropriately suggestive, and politically incorrect language.’

Berger was then made out to seem ‘too emotional’,’over sensitive’, ‘harsh’ and a ‘bully’. But she claimed this was a double standard and that even Kargman displayed the same behavior, going further adding that male employees could be aggressive but not her.

There were even other examples of male employees behaviors that were not called out, or even discussed. Kargman supposedly recorded a video for a national conference and promised his employees that he would ‘shave his balls’ if their sales quotas were met.

While Kargman refused to acknowledge these allegations, he did admit that he did use bad language and that he’s taken steps to supposedly hire a coach to help curb his usage of it. Yeah. Uh huh.

Berger, a lesbian, made the claim that a co-worker of her’s, Kevin Canty, would consistently make reference to her sexuality and would actually gather the beans to say that he and Berger – along with her lover – should have a threesome.

Seems messed up for sure…But $40 million? No way!

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