NEW STUDY: There has been NO surge in “hate crime” since Trump was Elected

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A new study, done by associate professor Will Reilly from Kentucky State University shows that contrary to the media narrative, there has been no surge in hate crime in recent years. “Portraying America as a hate-filled country is wildly inaccurate,” Reilly says. In actuality, hate crimes are at a significant low from a few decades ago.

Now we know that hate crimes that have been reported to the FBI are up showing an increase of 17% in the last few years.  But Reilly points out that there are two reasons for that:

1) The number of police departments reporting crimes to the FBI has increased.

2) The majority of the newly reported hate crimes are hoaxes.

I recently did some research myself. I discovered that there have been hundreds of hate crime hoaxes, just like Jussie Smollett, that were jumped on by the media. The old adage is true. The law of supply and demand. If there is not enough supply, the demand will call for creation of what you need.

There are very few hate crimes being perpetrated, so create some!

You can find, currently, 355 hate crimes that the media reported over the last few years, at

The Detroit News explains Reilly’s findings:

But it isn’t true. The surge has little to do with Trump and his red hat brigade. This according to Will Reilly, a Kentucky State University associate professor, who extensively researched hate-fueled violence in America for his book Hate Crime Hoax.

“Almost all of that surge is due to the simple fact that in 2017 the number of police departments reporting hate crimes to the FBI increased by 1,000,” says Reilly. “The surge narrative is pretty dishonest.”

And destructive. The perception that hate-filled mobs are roaming the streets attacking minorities, gay and transgender people and other vulnerable citizens in the name of Donald Trump keeps us on edge and makes us distrustful of our neighbors.

It also creates a gullibility that that allows us to believe things we should know aren’t true. Like Jussie Smollett’s ridiculous tale of being attacked by two MAGA-hat-wearing thugs on a frigid Chicago street. Before the actor’s whopper unraveled, it was wildly parroted by a media too eager to believe anything that confirms its conviction that America is boiling with hate.

Smollett’s fake hate crime is not a one-off. Reilly’s research finds that most high-profile hate crimes over the past few years have turned out to be hoaxes.

Reilly studied 409 reported hate crimes over the past five years that received media attention. They include incidents such as the racist graffiti at Eastern Michigan University and the minority woman in Grand Rapids who claimed a group of white men urinated on her.

“In major cases, almost all of them have been hoaxes,” Reilly says. “The number of hate crime hoaxes actually exceeds the number of convictions. The majority of these high-profile incidents never happened.”

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Reilly also covers the so-called systematic racism in law enforcement that has fueled the Black Lives Matters Movement.

In 2015, he says, just 258 were black out of the 1,200 Americans killed by police. Of that 258 only 17 of those were unarmed and shot by white officers.

Now the population of the United States is almost 350,000,000. 13% is black. That leaves us with 60,000,000 black Americans. 17 were unarmed and killed. The FBI reports that the huge bulk of unarmed criminals that get shot, are deemed good shots. It is imperative that when a criminal makes a move that an officer deems life threatening to themselves and others, that they take the shot.

In other words, this mantra that police are going around everywhere shooting innocent unarmed black men is a bunch of bunk!

“It’s worth noting that that interracial crime is not a huge threat in America,” says Reilly, who is African American. “Eighty-five percent of whites are killed by other whites. Ninety-four percent of blacks are killed by other blacks.”

“Portraying America as a hate-filled country is wildly inaccurate,” Reilly says.

In Hate Crime Hoax, Professor Wilfred Reilly examines over one hundred widely publicized incidents of so-called hate crimes that never actually happened. With a critical eye and attention to detail, Reilly debunks these fabricated incidents—many of them alleged to have happened on college campuses—and explores why so many Americans are driven to fake hate crimes. We’re not experiencing an epidemic of hate crimes, Reilly concludes—but we might be experiencing an unprecedented epidemic of hate crime hoaxes.

Find his book here.

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